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Learn how localization works to improve the customer experience in our podcast with Ray Walsh

Localization & Why It Matters

EPISODE 44 | Guest: Ray Walsh, independent localization expert, author of Localizing Employee Communications We talk a lot about audience engagement with digital signage, and one way to ensure people…

Learn about digital wayfinding for any screen - static or touchscreen displays

Digital Wayfinding 101

EPISODE 43 | Guest: Jill Perardi, director of professional services for Visix Wayfinding at its most basic level is simple – help people get from point A to point B….

Learn about making any screen interactive with voice-activated signage

Voice-Activated Signage Explained

EPISODE 39 | Guest: Trey Hicks, chief sales officer, Visix, Inc. Interactivity is becoming ubiquitous in digital signage, and today there’s a new way to interact with the screen: voice…

Learn the basics about video walls and how to implement them in this podcast episode

Video Walls: The Ins and Outs

EPISODE 38 | Guest: Joe Murray, systems engineer and architect, Visix, Inc. Video walls are big, bold and beautiful, and they always capture attention. But it’s more than just tossing…

Listen to our podcast to learn how to make your digital signs interactive whether or not they're touchscreens

Ideas to Make Your Signs Interactive

EPISODE 33 | Guest: Jill Perardi, creative services manager, Visix, Inc. Interactivity is ubiquitous. Websites only work through interactivity. Social media is dependent on people interacting with each other’s content….

Get PowerPoint design tips for digital signage from award-winning artists in DSDR podcast episode 30

PowerPoint Design for Digital Signs

EPISODE 30 | Guests: Melissa Sartin, creative content artist for Visix, and Dwayne Johnson, senior interactive artist for Visix One of the most popular ways to create content for digital…

In this podcast episode, we give you practical image tips for digital signs that you can start using today

Image Tips for Digital Signs

EPISODE 27 | Guest: Jill Perardi, creative services manager, Visix, Inc. Though digital signage content usually includes text, it’s a visual medium and pictures can make or break a message’s…

Listen to our podcast to learn four digital signage shortcuts to save time and improve engagement

Four Digital Signage Shortcuts

EPISODE 26 | Guest: Debbie DeWitt, marketing communications manager, Visix, Inc. Constantly creating fresh, exciting digital signage content can be quite a burden, especially for a small team tasked with…