Digital Signage for Retail

Advertise products, boost sales, reduce queues and build brand loyalty with digital signs.

Dynamic digital signs can greatly enhance the customer experience, and align your on site and online offerings. Create a fully immersive experience for visitors to your store, restaurant, museum or attraction.

Visix digital signage software lets you show advertisements, promotions and branding to inform and entice customers. Reduce perceived wait times and inspire impulse purchases with vibrant messaging to better connect with your customers and visitors.

Use digital signage from Visix to boost sales and improve the overall customer experience

Customer-Centered Communications

Use digital signs to reinforce your branding, drive sales and increase customer engagement. Localize content to as many stores or screens as you like. If you need help with content or interactive experiences, we’re here to help.

To keep employees up to date and motivated, you can send separate message playlists to break rooms, offices and staff areas. Recognize work anniversaries and sales performance for higher morale, productivity and employee retention.

Let us craft a retail signage solution to help you better connect with customers, engage employees and boost sales.

  • Promote products and services on large screens and video walls
  • Pull info from Excel, XML, JSON and more for menu boards and other designs
  • Reduce perceived wait times with automated messaging at check-outs
  • Provide a personal shopping experience for customers with interactive content
  • Use separate message playlists to engage employees and staff
  • Scale to as few or as many screens as you like – across your store or across your global brand chain
  • Use analytics to track Message Playback, Message Approval, Playlist Activity, Content Submissions and User Activity
  • Go cloud to have us take care of your CMS maintenance and player upgrades, or on-premise to leverage your data center
  • Publish playlists to webpages, intranets & mobiles for remote audiences
  • Use small screens throughout your store or manage shared spaces with our E Ink room signs

AxisTV Signage Suite gives you powerful design tools, and you can import your own artwork, images and videos into playlists with simple drag-n-drop tools.

Our enterprise digital signage solution can be delivered as software-only, pre-imaged PCs or hosted in the cloud. All of our products can be combined for a unified signage solution for your retail business, large or small.

Cardinal Glass Industries

“We continue to be impressed with Visix’s ability to incorporate more and more features into the software, and make it easier to use and visually more spectacular. Our imagination seems to be our only limitation.”

Constellium Rolled Products Ravenswood, LLC

“Great company to work with. Their support has been outstanding, and their product works as designed. Up and running from scratch in no time.”

MEG Energy

“Visix sets the standard rarely seen in support. The team is both knowledgeable and professional. Issues are dealt with swiftly – better yet, they rarely occur.”

Mountain Empire Community College

“It’s extremely easy to use…I can do it with my eyes closed.”

Queens College

“It’s just a well thought out, rock solid product.”

University of Kentucky

“The scheduling ability is great. Once it’s up, we don’t have to touch it again.”


“The system is easy to use. The consistency of messaging, rapid turnaround, and cost savings are huge.”

Virginia Western Community College

“It has the best price-to-feature ratio and is performing all the tasks we need, so we haven’t had to look anywhere else for our campus communications.”

Franklin County Board of Supervisors

“The dynamic nature of it, and the simplicity from a technology point of view, really makes this a great system for our needs.”

Central Baptist Hospital

“Integration was really simple…it really took care of itself.”

Northwestern University Norris Center

“It’s web-based, user-friendly, and we have 100% control of the content and scheduling.”

Dayton Freight

“Visix will save us a lot of money over time. In fact, the system will pay for itself in about three years.”

Learn how digital signage can help...

These resources will help you to better understand how digital signage solutions can help your branch or network.
Take a look, and feel free to browse our full Resources section for more helpful tools and advice.

Pull info from your own databases to show on screens - updates automatically once set up

Easy Data Integration | Automated Screen Content

Use our Excel, XML and JSON widgets to pull info from your own databases onto screens. Feed menu boards or show inventory, sales stats, leaderboards and more in stunning screen layouts that automatically update without you having to do a thing.