Choros Space Booking

Fast, contactless space booking on your own phone for meeting rooms and other shared spaces. No room signs to buy and install. No apps to download. No hassle.

Choros gives you all the features of room signs without any hardware, cabling or apps. Use your own smartphone to see if a space is available, see the schedule, book it, find available rooms and much more. You don’t have to download or log into anything. Booking space has never been easier.

Choros- Patent Pending


Skip the expense, infrastructure and installation hassle


Users don’t have to download anything, just scan a QR code to book


Takes advantage of native AR support on all modern iOS and Android devices


Use for meeting rooms, desks, lockers, parking – any shared space


Seamlessly integrates with Office 365 and CollegeNET/25Live


Affordable licensing and a user-friendly dashboard to manage your spaces

Skip the Room Signs

Installing room signs throughout an organization takes money, time and infrastructure. With our Choros AR space booking platform, you get all the functionality of a room sign without having to buy hardware or worry about how to provide power and network to shared spaces.

Simply set up your spaces in our cloud-based platform, then place QR codes near meeting rooms, desks and other shared places to let people quickly scan to book. Choros overlays options in the camera view using native AR support for smartphone cameras, so you don’t have to coax employees to download any apps or install any software.

Because Choros uses AR tech, space booking is faster than in any software system. It also gives users an immersive experience using a contactless solution. And because there are no room signs or cabling, it saves you significant screen and installation costs, and supports sustainability efforts.

  • Get all the features of a room sign without the expense
  • No special hardware required; no apps to download
  • Let people book spaces using their own device (BYOD)
  • Uses native AR smartphone tech and simple QR codes
  • See availability, schedules, capacity, amenities and more
  • Book, extend and end reservations on your smartphone
  • Search for and book other available spaces on the spot
  • Easily integrates with your calendars to avoid double bookings
  • Reduce waste and energy consumption for sustainability
  • Pair with ultra-low-power availability lights and epaper signs for a sustainable space management system

Scan, Book & Go


Whether you have meeting rooms, use hotdesk booking in a flexible workplace or want to let people reserve the breakroom ping pong table, all it takes is a simple QR code at the space.

Using any Android or iOS smartphone, scan the QR code to see if the space is available or booked. You’ll also see upcoming reservations in that space, capacity, AV resources and amenities. If a space is busy, you can search and book nearby spaces without having to walk around or scan another QR code. You can also see 3D previews of rooms and what’s in them.

Just enter a name, time and an optional four-digit PIN to finish booking a space. Once done, you can easily extend your booking, end it early or cancel it altogether. And the reservation data is immediately shared with your Office 365 or CollegeNET/25Live calendar.

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Manage all of your shared spaces, calendar integrations and users in a cloud dashboard

Easy Admin


Using our cloud-based admin panel, you can manage your calendar integrations and add licenses for meeting rooms, workspaces and “other” spaces, with custom names and descriptions. Define the building, floor and more.

Let people know what’s in the space so they can choose the right AV tools and amenities for what they need to accomplish. Show icons for meeting rooms like phone, projector, video conference, coffee, etc. Let people booking a workspace see if it has a standing desk, PC or Mac dock, dual monitors, etc. And you can mark all shared spaces that are accessible.

Organize your spaces and users by your own organizational structure, defining organizations and suborganizations to group information for streamlined access and management.

See Availability at a Glance

Choros provides all the scheduling perks of a room sign, and our availability lights let you instantly see which of your meeting rooms and other shared spaces are open (green) or booked (red). These sleek units are small, lightweight and provide 360° visibility.

The Choros platform keeps track of reservation start and end times, and changes availability light colors for Choros bookings made in advance or at the door. The lights are updated by a compact, low-power LoRaWAN® gateway that’s preconfigured to support your availability lights right out of the box.

With a PoE adapter, availability lights can likely be powered by your existing PoE infrastructure. The ultra-low-power lights use a maximum of 0.6 watts of power. Outside of normal hours, they go into standby mode, showing no color and using only .08 watts. This makes them an outstanding option for sustainability and a smart choice for LEED-certified buildings. 

Choros Availability Light

  • LoRaWAN® Class C Device
  • Size: 1.75 x 1.75 x 1.75 inches
  • Weight: 2.5 ounces
  • Power Consumption: max of 0.6 watts
  • Power Connection: USB Type A, included power adapter, or PoE adapter (optional)
  • Mounting: by double-sided tape or with optional mounting bracket

LoRaWAN® Gateway

  • External antenna
  • US902-928, EU863-870 and AU915-928 LoRaWAN® bands supported for different regions
  • Size: 4.5 x 4.5 x 1.6 inches
  • Weight: 13 ounces
  • Power Consumption: less than 7 watts

Frequently Asked Questions

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Doesn’t Visix Sell Room Signs?

Yes, but we think AR is the future of interacting with shared spaces. It’s a more user-friendly, cost-effective and sustainable approach that can easily be extended to all the shared spaces your organization would like to make bookable. However, if you’d like to combine Choros with room signs in your facility, we’re happy to walk through options with you.

Desk Reservations
image of small epaper desk sign mounted on the wall next to a laptop and pencil holder, above a coffee mug

Show bookings for desks and other workspaces. Our battery-powered epaper desk signs are small, lightweight and easy to mount on any surface.

Room Schedules
image of electronic paper room sign with meeting schedule and QR booking code

Show upcoming reservations on low-power, wireless electronic paper signs mounted outside rooms and offices. Include Choros QRs for quick room booking.

Name Plates
picture of E Ink sign used as a digital name plate outside of an office with a desk, chair and monitor

Why print expensive plaques and name plates? Epaper lets you change sign info on the fly, providing a more flexible and sustainable solution for office name plates.