Markets & Industries

No matter what industry you’re in, you want your audience to feel engaged, inspired and included.

Whether commercial, non-profit, educational or service-oriented, organizations are using digital signage to break through barriers like audience attention span, information overload, and even language and literacy.

  • Engage employees both in the office and remotely
  • Keep students updated and on track
  • Improve the visitor experience and boost sales
  • Show you care with DEI, wellness and safety messaging
  • Reduce perceived wait times and build goodwill
  • Boost revenues and inspire brand loyalty

No matter how mobile, diverse or busy your audiences are, digital signage can engage and motivate them for positive results. We can help every step of the way.

9 blocks describing different things you can do with digital signage in different markets and industries

Digital Signage for Your Culture

Every organization has different a different mission, audience and goals.
Contact us to have a conversation about how digital signage can help you communicate better in your environment.


Visix digital signage software for corporate communications and employee engagement

Engage employees with unified messaging, recognition, KPIs and event schedules delivered to any screen and managed from a central source.


Connect the office to the factory floor with safety messaging and manufacturing digital signage from Visix

Motivate and connect everyone in the office, on the floor and in the warehouse with auto-updating data, news, safety messaging and more.

Higher Ed

Display messages, media and alerts across your campus with Visix digital signage

Build community and engage students, faculty, staff and visitors with digital signage for unified messaging across your entire campus.

K-12 Schools

Use digital signage in K12 schools and school districts to engage students, staff, teachers and visitors

Manage your school or district announcements, activities, employee notices and alerts from one centralized, user-friendly application.


Use Visix digital signage software to drive communications for visitors and staff in government offices

Increase citizen engagement, reach your community and motivate staff with messages and alerts delivered to the right place at the right time.


Digital signage for hospitals and healthcare facilities lets you keep patients informed, educated and entertained

Relieve stress, update staff and improve the patient and visitor experience with interactive wayfinding, directories and engaging visual messaging.


Improve the guest experience with Visix digital signage in hotels, resorts and conference centers

Maximize the guest experience with a virtual concierge – show messages and promotions, events, weather and interactive wayfinding.

Banking & Finance

Use bank digital signage to improve the in-branch experience with information and promotions on screens

Bridge the online and in-branch experience. Engage customers and motivate staff with real-time info and ads sent to screens of all sizes.


Use digital signage from Visix to boost sales and improve the overall customer experience

Connect with customers in your shop, restaurant or attraction with bright, modern signage. Promote products and inspire brand loyalty.


We’re a business just like you, and we continually strive to motivate our teams by keeping them informed and engaged. We can testify to the effectiveness of all of our products, because we use them every day and have seen the positive effects. Let us help you communicate better.


Our consultants will work with you to define your goals and build tactical and strategic campaigns for engagement.

AxisTV Signage Suite easily integrates with Active Directory, and you can set up multiple levels of access, management and approval.

Many customers choose to deploy their own virtual machines, or you can choose our cloud hosted CMS solution. However, we do offer hardware if you need it.