Best Cloud Based Digital Signage Software

AxisTV Signage Suite digital signage software gives you easy, powerful solutions to deliver visual communications that connect and engage your viewers wherever they are.

Our cloud-based content management software gives you an array of content sources, smart playlists, flexible scheduling and multi-user licenses to attract viewers, connect people and drive results. Deliver 100+ media types like messages, countdowns, videos, alerts, realtime data and event schedules with user-friendly digital signage solutions.

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Digital signage software built for engagement, data integration and user experience


An integrated, enterprise solution to centralize your visual communications in one app


Our intuitive UI lets you craft messages, schedule media and broadcast alerts quickly


From training to design to tech help – we’re here to help you communicate better


Choose from cloud hosting, software-only or bundled hardware solutions


Reach remote employees on web pages, intranets, desktops & mobile devices

Enterprise Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage is vital for informing, educating, updating, and communicating in today’s busy, tech-focused world. But, to communicate effectively with your audience, you need to do more than simply post news on TV screens. You need stunning visuals and info-rich immersive experiences that connect viewers with your message and your brand.

With Visix web-based digital signage software, you can manage all of your visual communications from a single, centralized point while allowing individuals and groups to choose their level of participation. And you’re not tied to a desktop – you can manage your content through the cloud from any device with web access, so more people can contribute.

Craft visual communications to capture attention, increase engagement and reach more people using friendly workflows and elegant design tools for engaging content customized to your audience, whenever and wherever they are.

  • Purchase cloud-based subscriptions or on-premise solutions
  • Install a scalable digital signage system to fit your culture
  • Group users by team or location and set unique privileges
  • Use SSO and custom permissions to manage access
  • Show real-time data from popular applications
  • Use admin tools for central player management
  • Track playback, user activity and more with analytics
  • Immediately broadcast time-sensitive alerts
  • Purchase site licenses for significant savings
  • Enterprise grade security
What people say about our digital signage software…

Cardinal Glass Industries

“Visix software is outstanding, and their training and technical personnel are second to none.”

Constellium Rolled Products Ravenswood, LLC

“Great company to work with. Their support has been outstanding, and their product works as designed. Up and running from scratch in no time.”

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

“It’s always a pleasure to work with Visix support. Very knowledgeable, friendly and most of all, efficient.”

MEG Energy

“Visix sets the standard rarely seen in support. The team is both knowledgeable and professional. Issues are dealt with swiftly – better yet, they rarely occur.”

Goodwin College

“The ease of use and control we have over the system, combined with the speed at which messages can be displayed, makes Visix a tremendous solution for digital signage.”

Queens College

“It’s just a well thought out, rock solid product.”

University of Kentucky

“The scheduling ability is great. Once it’s up, we don’t have to touch it again.”

Univerity of Wisconsin Oshkosh

“It has made my work easier, it has made our communications more effective and it has made us a lot greener. AxisTV really has exceeded my expectations.”

Carolinas Healthcare System

“The response is rapid – we can send out messages almost immediately, and the scope is very wide. It’s also an extremely flexible system.”

Franklin County Board of Supervisors

“The dynamic nature of it, and the simplicity from a technology point of view, really makes this a great system for our needs.”

Hamilton Health Care System

“It’s easy to use and, being web-based, it’s easily accessible from anywhere. You can change and update content pretty effortlessly.”

Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center

“It’s a great way to get information in front of our patients – there’s a better chance they will see it than on a old-fashioned bulletin board…We’ve seen increased participation in clinics and activities.”

Signage for the Digital Workplace

Our powerful digital signage platform is flexible enough to fit every budget and industry, whether you want easy day-to-day communications using simple slides, or deep data dives with customized data integration and visualizations on screens. Check out the many things you can accomplish with digital signage:

  • Manage playlists and schedules from any web browser
  • Choose from 900+ fill-in templates in the CMS for quick messaging
  • Drag media files directly into playlists for faster scheduling
  • Use drag-n-drop widgets to design messages, templates and layouts
  • Feed playlists with media files managed in a shared network folder
  • Customize data display from calendars, Excel, XML, JSON and more
  • Include hot spots or a voice user interface for interactive digital signage
  • Publish to HTML5 playlists for webpages, email and mobiles
Our CMS lets you create and schedule messages from quick templates
Use free templates to pick, fill and schedule messages in the browser-based CMS.
Manage all of your digital signage content in the cloud from anywhere in the world
Manage messages and artwork, and create playlists, players and users from a single centralized platform.
Deliver digital signage playlists to any screen size with our HTML5 playlist viewer
Display content on multiple screens of all sizes, and let people view messages in our responsive web viewer
Visix digital signage software lets you send messages to unlimited screens, touchscreens, video walls, room signs, webpages, desktops and mobiles

Reach the Right People with the Right Message Wherever They Are

You communicate with multiple audiences both onsite and off, so you need a digital signage system that’s easy, accessible and scalable enough to connect people and ideas across your entire organization.

Whether you’re messaging to just one screen, to locations around the globe, or in a hybrid workplace, our digital signage software gives you easy user controls to create stunning visual communications for higher engagement, morale and motivation. Target different audiences with messaging that's relevant to them.

Amplify your communications to reach staff, students and visitors wherever they are with consistent messaging across unlimited screens, touchscreens, video walls and room signs on site, and send playlists to webpages, intranets, desktops and mobile devices. Anything with a screen can be a digital sign.

Digital Signage Buyers' Guide

In our free Digital Signage Buyers' Guide, we’ll walk you through the core features of digital signage systems, bottom-line benefits, content ideas, and what you need to build a successful system.

Cover of free digital signage buyers' guide for advice on shopping for and building a successful system
Intuitive User Management

Let more people contribute content without cluttering your user management. Organize users into organizations and sub-organizations in our CMS. Group users by departments, locations, teams or privileges. Tailor user permissions and approval workflows.

Powerful Data Integration Tools

We offer more data presentation options than anyone else. And integrating with external apps is quick and easy. Pull info from your data sources and make on-screen data visualizations even more powerful using conditional logic tools (“if this, show that”).

Affordable, Ready-Made Content

Don’t have the time to design content from scratch? You don't have to. Our digital signage design experts have created a variety of artwork packs and content kits to help you get started. We also offer content subscriptions for as low as 33 cents a day.

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