MeetingMinder™ Meeting Room Signs

Take control of your shared spaces. Our digital meeting room signs let you manage spaces more effectively to increase efficiencies.

Help your employees and visitors find their meeting or book a room on the spot. Digital room signs eliminate confusion by showing room schedules outside each door, and all calendar data is fed by your existing scheduling app – no additional work required. Our E Ink room signs are a great solution for collab and hoteling spaces.

Digital Meeting Room Signs from Visix show schedules, messaging and alerts outside shared spaces

Touch Room Signs

Touch interactive meeting room signs show schedules from your own calendar app, along with messages and alerts

Extend your digital signage and customize every element of your schedule playback with branding, interactivity, and on-screen booking.

Connect Room Signs

Connect digital conference room signs from Visix let you show schedules from your calendar app and manage bookings at the sign

Book a room, start, extend, end and cancel meetings right at the room sign to better monitor and manage your shared spaces. Doesn’t require our CMS.

Electronic Paper Signs

Use epaper room signs to show schedules outside conference rooms, office hoteling, collab spaces and more.

Show schedules with our affordable, wireless electronic paper signs that can hang on workstations, and outside rooms, collab spaces or hoteling desks.

Room Sign Comparison

Compare digital conference room signs from Visix - interactive and E Ink room signs

Not sure which room sign model is right for you? Check out our room sign comparison page for a side-by-side look at the features and specs for each.

Unite Your Calendars

Let our digital signage software do the work for you. Our Conference app lets you combine calendars from separate event management systems – and multiple instances of those systems – so you can show a unified room schedule on each Touch or EPS room sign.

Meeting & Space Management Tips

In our free white paper, we’ll give you some impressive stats about just how much money, time and effort your space management is taking, and how you can use some simple practices and technology to streamline your meetings.

Download our free meeting and space management tips white paper for practical advice