Custom Data Display

Use data integration widgets to keep your screens updated. Set it up once and let it run.

AxisTV Signage Suite lets you easily tie into your existing databases, spreadsheets and files to pull data directly onto screens. Format data on messages and layouts, then let it auto-update as stats change at the source.

You can pull data from calendar apps, Excel and Google Sheets, XML, JSON and more for event schedules, directories, KPIs, menu boards and other stunning data visualizations on screens. And we offer more data presentation and customization options for both displays and room signs than any other vendor.

Publish executive management goals, KPIs and motivational messages to employees with Visix digital signage

Drag & Drop

Drag-n-drop widgets into layouts, messages and templates to show data from your own source

Connect & Configure

Choose your data source, the fields you want to show, and set up custom “no data” messages

Format Text & Artwork

Format your designs and set up conditional logic to automatically trigger on-screen changes

Publish to Screens

Deliver your data designs to digital signage displays, video walls, room signs, desktops and mobiles

Data-Triggered Content

Use our Widget Controller to show data visualizations for real-time updates and performance management.

AxisTV Signage Suite can make decisions on what to show on screen based on numbers, words, times or other data elements you’ve mapped to. When you combine the Widget Controller with our Artwork Widget, you can have any number of artwork items update to match current conditions:

  • Color code event listings for in progress, coming up, cancelled, etc.
  • Update dials, gauges and graphs to show progress
  • Swap one image for another based on your chosen criteria
Visix digital signage software lets you import data from external sources like Excel, XML and JSON, and images on screen can change based on those values
Here are just a few examples of what you can do with our data widgets…

Let our consultants help with configuring your data sources and layouts, setting up user accounts and privileges, managing playlists and more. We’ll work with you to bring data and other designs to life on your digital signage and set you up for success in the future.



If we don’t have a widget that directly integrates with your data source, many applications and platforms export data to file types that we do support. Talk with your region sales manager about the possibilities.

Most of our widgets are pretty intuitive, but we recommend a training subscription so that you have step-by-step videos to show you how to get the most from our software.

Our digital signage kits can get you started with data layouts for events, fundraisers, directories, stocks, menu boards and room signs. Choose from a variety of styles and customize the branding and data to your standards.