Software Updates

Keep your Visix applications updated for new features and better system performance.

Running the most current version of our software ensures you get the most from your digital signage system. Each release improves system performance and gives you new tools and features that help you create, manage and deliver your visual communications faster and easier.

Every client can purchase the updates, and our support subscription clients receive them for free. Need some advice? We’re happy to help you pick the best options for both software and hardware upgrades.

AxisTV Signage Suite v.1.65

This latest release includes enhancements and bug fixes from versions 1.63-1.65, adds features for higher education clients, and improves Visix Cloud and user experiences.

All Products
  • Disallow illegal characters in file names. Some items, like artwork, will have illegal characters replaced with a dash in AxisTV Signage Suite.
AxisTV Manage
  • NEW Ability to schedule CBORD menu board messages and layouts
  • NEW Announcements hub lets system administrators publish announcements to AxisTV Design users, such as maintenance notices and reminders to update to the latest software version. Announcements can contain a title, body text and more info URLs.
  • Bug Fix: Ability to adjust scheduled video file transitions now visible
  • Bug Fix: Adjust message and layout panels now appear only when something has changed.
AxisTV Design
  • NEW CBORD widget pulls data from CBORD NetMenu software for menu boards
  • Ability to move a widget with “nudge” using keyboard arrow keys
  • AxisTV Design users can now receive and dismiss announcements once logged in and connected to the server. Announcements are configured in the Announcements hub in AxisTV Manage.
  • Bug Fix: Eliminated User ID errors for Outlook 365 and Excel widgets using OneDrive sharing URLs
AxisTV Engage
  • Easier workflows in device registration portal
  • Bug Fix: Web Image and Data-Mapped Image widgets now support case sensitive URLs
AxisTV Alert
  • Ability to poll Everbridge CAP RSS feeds
AxisTV Siren
  • Easier workflows in device registration portal
  • Bug Fix: Manual registration dialog no longer hangs and allows 30 seconds for registration to complete
AxisTV Transcode
  • No changes made in this release

Plus, more usability enhancements and bug fixes.

AxisTV v.9.9.3

  • Bug fix allows messages to be scheduled in 2021 and future years
  • Exchange widgets now support Office 365 Modern Authentication, based on OAuth 2.0
    • Customers will need to reconfigure Exchange widgets after moving to OAuth
  • Support for Flash player removed from all apps

Plus, other usability enhancements and bug fixes.

Consider switching to our AxisTV Signage Suite platform. If you don’t have a support subscription, we’ll work with you to put together the best package for your timeline and budget. To make things really easy, you can run AxisTV 9 and AxisTV Signage Suite concurrently while we’re making the switch to ensure no interruption in service.

Connect v.3.19

The latest version of our Connect Room Manager is now available with general security and stability updates: 

  • Enhancements
    • Improved security by removing an old Log4j library
    • Now supports email providers that require TLS 1.2
    • Enhanced Microsoft Graph performance
  • Plus, other bug fixes.