Switch to Signage Suite

Why wouldn’t you want better digital signage software for free?

AxisTV Signage Suite surpasses AxisTV 9 in all aspects of design, management and playback. Revolutionize the way you manage your digital signage with better design tools, expanded features and streamlined workflows.

Watch an overview of the apps

  • Better, cleaner, more modern user interface
  • Easy drag-n-drop widgets to build layouts, messages and templates
  • Drag-n-drop importing, scheduling and playlist management 
  • No more content blocks – use shapes, opacity, layering and animation
  • 900+ stock message templates to choose from
  • Plug-n-play content kits with backgrounds, artwork and more
  • Publish message playlists to webpages and intranets for remote audiences
  • Easy integration with event schedules, Excel, XML and JSON data feeds
  • Data mapping for automated KPIs, metrics and countdowns
  • Tools to build your own interactive layouts with hot spots
  • Voice user interface for any display (no touchscreen required)
  • User and player grouping by organizations or sub-organizations
  • Use Single Sign-On with SAML 2.0 to manage user access
  • Streamlined remote player management and updates

This Webpage Just Isn’t Enough

There’s no way you can understand all the power and ease of our new platform from just the information on this page. Let us give you a quick demo to show you what you’re missing.

We’ll Do the Work for You: No Charge

We’re giving away the store to our clients with a current Software Support and Maintenance Subscription who commit to switch by June 5. We’ll help you every step of the way to make the transition as fast and easy as possible.

  • Free software licenses for all three of our core AxisTV Signage Suite applications: Design, Manage and Engage
  • Two hours of free remote implementation services to help get you started
  • Free training through our online learning management system for 120 days
  • Deep hardware discounts, plus cloud-hosting options (Our new Nano players are as low as $499 each, with three years of advance replacement warranty included)

To make things really easy, you can run AxisTV 9 and AxisTV Signage Suite concurrently while we’re making the switch to ensure no interruption in service.

And, of course, we’re happy to quote additional implementation, creative or training if you need more customized services.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Clients who commit to switch by June 5 will get four free Signage Suite packs and kits. That’s over $3800 in value of free creative! Choose from:

  • Background Artwork Pack
  • Key Performance Indicator Icons
  • Recognition Messages Pack
  • K-12 Recognition Pack
  • Event Board Kit
  • Basic Directory Kit
  • Fundraiser Kit
  • Countdown by Day Kit
  • Countdown by Hour Kit
  • Days without Injury Kit
  • Menu Board Kit
  • Basic Room Sign Kit

Don’t have a current Software Support & Maintenance Subscription? No problem, just contact us to get started with a demo and quote.