Digital Signage
for Better Communications

With 20+ years of experience and 4000+ systems delivered, Visix digital signage lets you send messages, media and alerts that reach everyone, everywhere, every time.

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Everything You Need to Communicate Better

Deliver dynamic visual communications to attract attention and motivate digital signage viewers.

Visix offers a unified digital signage solution for every part of your business with a three-pronged approach to engagement:

Visix digital signage software lets you send messages, media and alerts to any screen

Digital Signage Software

Any screen can be a digital sign. Our digital signage software lets you display realtime data, videos, images, and 100+ other media types through electronic signage, room signs, webpages, Android devices, IOS devices, kiosks and more.

Let our award-winning artists design digital signage screen content, interactive wayfinding and more

Creative & Interactive Designs

Let our award-winning designers help you create compelling content and custom interactive experiences – wayfinding, directories and more – to attract and engage your viewers, using everything from digital signage to kiosks to mobile devices.

Digital Meeting Room Signs from Visix show schedules, messaging and alerts outside shared spaces

Conference Room Signs

MeetingMinder™ digital room signs show schedules from your own calendar and extend your visual communications to conference rooms, training rooms, classrooms and other shared spaces to make space management faster, easier and more efficient.

Visix Digital Signage Solutions

Whether you’re planning a single electronic display in your lobby, or digital signs across a global enterprise,
we can help you break through the clutter for better communications.

Contact us so we can show you a more thorough demo and step through your specific needs.

Create Exceptional Experiences for Your Audience

Organizations of all kinds are using digital signage powered by Visix to grab attention, deliver critical updates, improve the customer experience, impress visitors
and motivate employees in everything from offices to retail to healthcare to schools.

Use digital signage software from Visix for internal communications that engage and excite your audience

Internal Communications

Publish messages, videos, media and alerts on electronic signage, webpages, and Android and iOS mobile devices to reach your audience wherever they are.

Publish executive management goals, KPIs and motivational messages to employees with Visix digital signage

Executive Management

Boost productivity and drive change with realtime data and messaging on digital signage for higher employee engagement and bottom-line results.

Visix digital signage is secure, scalable and network-friendly for IT managers

IT & Networking

Easily deploy our scalable and secure content management platform, whether it’s software-only, pre-imaged PCs or hosted in the cloud.

Combine digital signage, meeting room signs, interactive wayfinding and emergency alerts for better facilities management

Facilities Management

Unify your visual messaging, alert systems and space management into a single platform to improve the employee and visitor experience.

Our Platform. Our Promise.

Visix is the OG of digital signage, in business since 1980 with over 20 years of selling and supporting content management software, and one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the business.

We want to make sure your team has all the tools they need to communicate better, so Visix specialists will walk you through every step of your digital signage strategy, from concept to completion, offering the utmost in customer support.

We provide everything you need for success, including software, hardware, hosting, creative, consulting, training and tech support. Visix also partners with a vast network of AV integrators and IT VARs to provide our clients with end-to-end system services.

Find out why 4000+ clients and 1000+ campuses trust Visix to power their digital signage systems. Contact us to find out how we can help you communicate better through video, signage, media, images – whatever you want to show!

Manage content from a single web application that lets you control every aspect of design, scheduling and user permissions. Our user-friendly software lets you quickly create, import and schedule media and messages. Choose how many people can contribute content and use admin tools for central digtal signage system management.

You can drag files into playlists or start from 900+ stock templates in the digital signage CMS. Our desktop designer lets you create messages, templates and layouts with ease, or you can use our pre-designed content kits and subscription feeds.

Drag and drop elements exactly where you want them on screen. Our powerful data widgets let you easily tie to live data sources for auto-updating content from event schedules, weather, Excel, XML and more.

Deliver your visual communications to digital signs, video walls, touchscreens and room signs on site, and reach remote employees or students with message playlists on websites, intranets, mobiles and desktops.

Install a scalable digital signage solution to fit your culture. We offer software-only or bundled solutions, and you can choose from cloud or on-premise solutions with subscriptions or perpetual licenses. Purchase digital signage site licenses for significant savings.

Expand your digital signage to meeting areas with our e-paper and interactive room signs. Show schedules from your own calendar app, offer room booking at the room sign and better manage your shared spaces.

Deliver Enterprise Communications

We offer digital signage solutions for any industry with a passion for communications.
Find out how digital signage can make a difference in your industry.

Benefits of Digital Signage

The beauty of digital signage lies in its versatility. When you invest in electronic signage for your business,
you’re able to tap into numerous benefits and advantages, including

With digital signage and intuitive CMS software, you’re able to change messaging in real time. No more waiting for signage to be designed, printed and posted. Within a couple of clicks, you can change or update a single sign or hundreds of signs across different rooms and facilities at once.

Employees and customers often look past traditional paper-based signage. Without anything to draw in their engagement, standard signage blends in with the surroundings. Electronic signage, on the other hand, can incorporate different colors, designs, movement and even sound. This enhances both visibility and focus.

At the end of the day, digital signage can enhance your company’s overall culture. You can use it to celebrate milestones like employee birthdays, new hires, work anniversaries and goals achieved. This allows employees to feel celebrated and connected, which strengthens satisfaction and retention.

Automate signage to change based on dates, times and locations. Use subscriptions and data feeds to update screens in real time with news, KPIs and event schedules. You can even create dedicated playlists that cycle through different content and alerts based on different triggering events.

Digital signage has higher recall and retention rates than printed notices or email. People also process visual information 60,000x faster than text. By incorporating images, video, animations and interactivity on screens, you can reach more people with messaging they’ll engage with, act on and remember.

Digital signage can be used to improve workplace safety by notifying both employees and customers of specific situations. This includes health and wellness information, weather-related emergencies, unsafe working conditions or equipment that’s out of order.

When you add all of these benefits together, it’s easy to see just how powerful digital signage is. Get started today!

What is Digital Signage? Frequently Asked Questions