Digital Signage Products

Expand your reach with Visix digital signage solutions.

Show dynamic messages on screens of all sizes, invite interaction with touchscreens, and manage meeting spaces more effectively.

With our enterprise digital signage products, you can reach everyone in your workforce – as well as students, visitors and guests – to encourage collaboration, promote safety, recognize achievement and motivate action. 

Our software, interactive designs and room signs help you engage your audience so your digital signs can make a difference.

Visix digital signage products combine content management software, creative and room signs for a centralized visual communications solution

Digital Signage Software

Visix digital signage software lets you send messages, media and alerts to any screen

Our award-winning AxisTV Signage Suite content management software lets you create, manage and deliver stunning visuals, updated news and real-time data across your organization. It’s simple to publish to digital signs, video walls, kiosks and more.

Digital Signage Players

photo of six digital signage media players that are easy to add to your network

Choose from cloud subscriptions, software-only or on-premise digital signage solutions from Visix. Use your own hardware to power your system, or we can provide a content manager and as many media players as you need for a total turnkey package.

Creative Content Solutions

Let our award-winning artists design digital signage screen content, interactive wayfinding and more

Improve the audience experience with stunning screen designs, curated content, interactive wayfinding and custom designs from our award-winning team of artists. Engage and inform your viewers at the same time with our beautiful content solutions.

AR Space Booking (BYOD)

Choros lets you scan and book shared spaces using your smartphone camera. No app required.

Fast, contactless space booking on your own phone for meeting rooms and other shared spaces. No room signs to buy and install. No apps to download. No hassle. Choros gives you all the features of room signs without any hardware, cabling or apps.

Epaper & Interactive Room Signs

Connect interactive room signs show green lights for open rooms and red lights for rooms currently in use

Our interactive and e-paper room signs show schedule data from popular calendar apps to give you an efficient, centralized room management solution. Show your schedules and digital signage messages outside conference rooms and other shared spaces.


Visix offers complete digital signage solutions – from the lobby to the lunchroom, the classroom to the conference center. Everything we do helps our clients communicate better with their audiences to enhance engagement, motivate change and increase efficiencies.


Visix offers a combined enterprise signage solution that includes digital signage, content solutions and room management solutions. With 4000+ customers, we have the experience and passion to help you communicate better.

Yes. We’re here to provide enterprise-class signage solutions. Our products work independently or together to give you every opportunity for audience engagement.

We have a range of support and training options and subscriptions, as well as a library of free resources on technical, design and communication topics.