Corporate Digital Signage Solutions

Motivate your workforce, reach remote employees and manage your shared spaces more efficiently.

Corporate digital signage lets you engage people across your organization to reinforce culture, boost morale, increase effectiveness and foster inclusion – no matter if they’re in the office or working from home.

Employee engagement is an increasing issue in today’s digital workplace. The employee experience affects productivity and turnover, so businesses need to strategize ways to engage employees at every level, location and age group. Visix digital signage software can help.

Visix digital signage software for corporate communications and employee engagement

Digital Signage Designed
for Organizational Communications

Whether it’s a single screen or a corporate campus, you can easily publish HR announcements, leaderboards, company news, event schedules, dashboards with KPIs, safety alerts and more – all from a centralized, user-friendly interface – for unified corporate communications.

Our downloadable artwork packs and content kits make it fast and easy to create beautiful screen designs tailored to your brand. And, our content subscriptions give you lots of feed options, designed and curated specifically for digital signs, to keep your screens fresh without any work for you – they update automatically.

Let Visix craft an enterprise solution to help your company engage employees, improve customer satisfaction and increase efficiencies.

  • Enterprise-class workplace digital signage platform for businesses of any size
  • Go cloud to have us take care of your CMS maintenance and player upgrades, or on-premise to leverage your data center
  • Organize users by departments and locations with unique privileges and access
  • Show meeting and event schedules from direct integrations with Exchange, Office 365, Google for Business, EMS and other event management systems
  • Display KPIs and other business performance metrics using robust data integration tools for Excel, XML and JSON
  • Show web dashboards and SharePoint content with full HTML5 browser support
  • Give employees an interactive personal experience with instant access to schedules, calendars, weather, news, traffic – anything you want to offer
  • Countdown to key events and deadlines for employees
  • Use analytics to track Message Playback, Message Approval, Playlist Activity, Content Submissions and User Activity
  • Publish to webpages, intranets & mobiles for remote employees
  • Extend your messaging to meeting areas with digital room signs
  • Use AR space booking paired with epaper desk signs in hybrid offices

Use digital signs to recognize achievements, post company updates, advertise events and alert staff of need-to-know items. This will keep your workforce engaged and informed to increase productivity and help you retain talent. And our drag-n-drop widgets, importing tools and content solutions make it fast and easy to create compelling office communications.

Our enterprise digital signage solution is designed for unified communications, and can be delivered as software-only, pre-imaged PCs or hosted in the cloud. Allow as few or many people to contribute as you like, with powerful user roles and security policies that can be tailored to your organization.

MEG Energy

“Visix sets the standard rarely seen in support. The team is both knowledgeable and professional. Issues are dealt with swiftly – better yet, they rarely occur.”


“The system is easy to use. The consistency of messaging, rapid turnaround, and cost savings are huge.”

Dayton Freight

“Visix will save us a lot of money over time. In fact, the system will pay for itself in about three years.”


“Visix software allows you to create communications and get them out there very quickly.”

Gibbs Die Casting

“(The software) helps us get to people wherever they might be.”

Price Chopper

“We can use the alert mode to let people know exactly what is happening in real time.”

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Our Connect interactive room signs show calendar data from your own apps outside meeting rooms

Sophisticated Meeting Management with Digital Room Signs

Our digital room signs help you manage your shared spaces more effectively. You can show schedules from Exchange, EMS, Google Calendar and other scheduling applications. Interactive models let you schedule meetings right at the door. Our e-paper room signs are portable and wireless, so they’re perfect for office hoteling.