Employee Engagement in the Digital Workplace

The office landscape has changed significantly in the past decade or so – transforming into a Digital Workplace. Smartphones and widespread internet access has trained people to get information digitally delivered, on demand – wherever they are and whenever they want it. The largest generation in the workforce, millennials, grew up with the internet, which has shifted their expectations and priorities to be quite different than those of their parents, and technology is behind a lot of what drives that. And it’s worth noting that their children, called Generation Z or iGen, are growing up with smartphones and tablets, and they will be even more technology-focused than their parents.

As a result of this shift in expectations, the communications industry is now focusing on creating a more consumer-like experience for everything, from retail advertising to internal corporate communications. The idea is that the more communications efforts align with the way people are used to getting their information, they more they will use that channel, and the more “loyal” they will become.

We are seeing change at an unprecedented scale and rate, and organizations that respond quickly will thrive, while those that don’t will get left behind. Digital signage is perhaps the most powerful tool in an organization’s communications arsenal – it’s reach is wide, it’s flexible and responsive, and can drive traffic to other portals.

Read our digital signage white paper that examines the new workforce, workplace technologies and employee engagement techniques:

  • The New Workforce
    • Individualism
    • Impact
    • Infographic: 7 Ways to Use Corporate Communications Technology Better
  • Progressive Engagement
    • Morale
    • Perks
    • Flexibility
  • Remote Engagement
    • BYOD Signage
    • Publish Direct
    • Drive to the Web
    • Mobile Wayfinding
    • Have a BYOD Policy
    • Infographic: 10 Reasons for a Digital vs. Physical Workplace
  • The Digical World
    • Tech Tools
    • Human Focus
    • User Experience
  • Bridging Online and Offline
    • Metrics for Change
    • Hosted Events
    • Cross-Pollination
    • Unique Experiences
    • User-Generated Content
  • Collaborative Communities
    • The Stats
    • Collaborative Signage
    • Collaborative Spaces
    • Infographic: 10 Reasons Collaboration is Key
  • Enterprise Signage
    • Scalability
    • Interoperability
    • Extensibility
    • Security and Reporting
    • Infographic: 12 Steps to Engagement on Digital Signs
  • Conclusion