Government Digital Signage

Empower staff and engage the public to increase visitor satisfaction, build community and bolster trust.

Government is about community. In municipal, state and federal branches, your goal is to keep the public informed and motivate your employees for higher morale and productivity. That’s easier said than done.

AxisTV Signage Suite digital signage software delivers your important messages and alerts – immediately, effectively and affordably – from a centralized platform that’s easy to use and manage. Show engaging visual communications in government offices, public buildings, libraries, police and fire stations, or the chamber of commerce.

Use Visix digital signage software to drive communications for visitors and staff in government offices

Increase Citizen Engagement & Improve Staff Morale

For facilities with a lot of visitors, our interactive wayfinding maps and directories can help you ease the burden on information desks and improve the visitor experience. Dynamic signage is also an easy and user-friendly way to reduce perceived wait times for those in queues.

Our affordable room signs can help you more effectively manage your meeting spaces for increased efficiency in the office. Departments can book conference rooms right at the door, and it will automatically populate to your office calendar system.

Let Visix craft a signage solution to help you improve visitor satisfaction, engage your staff and increase efficiencies.

  • Scalable digital signage platform for offices or departments of any size
  • Manage all your communications in one app using our desktop design tools and web-based content management system
  • Organize users by departments and locations with unique privileges and access
  • Show meeting and event schedules from direct integrations with Exchange, Office 365, Google for Business, EMS and other event management systems
  • Trigger our Alert Management System for time-sensitive notifications
  • Countdown to important deadlines and community events you want to promote
  • Use interactive widgets to provide content on demand – directories, wayfinding maps, phone lists and more
  • Use analytics to track Message Playback, Message Approval, Playlist Activity, Content Submissions and User Activity
  • Go cloud to have us take care of your CMS maintenance and player upgrades, or on-premise to leverage your data center
  • Publish playlists to webpages, intranets & mobiles for remote audiences
  • Book shared spaces and show schedules on epaper and interactive room signs

Our digital signage, wayfinding and room sign solutions can help improve both your front-facing communications and back-office efficiencies. With a digital signage solution, you can leverage smarter communications for more productive and connected facilities:

  • Keep the public informed about current initiatives
  • Show event schedules and advertise community events
  • Provide interactive directories and wayfinding maps for visitors
  • Share emergency alerts for extreme weather or Homeland Security updates
  • Motivate, engage and recognize staff

MEG Energy

“Visix sets the standard rarely seen in support. The team is both knowledgeable and professional. Issues are dealt with swiftly – better yet, they rarely occur.”

Fort Sam Houston

“AxisTV is an easy system, user-friendly, and the ability to post emergency alerts was a major selling point.”


“The system is easy to use. The consistency of messaging, rapid turnaround, and cost savings are huge.”

Franklin County Board of Supervisors

“The dynamic nature of it, and the simplicity from a technology point of view, really makes this a great system for our needs.”

Dayton Freight

“Visix will save us a lot of money over time. In fact, the system will pay for itself in about three years.”


“Visix software allows you to create communications and get them out there very quickly.”

Gibbs Die Casting

“(The software) helps us get to people wherever they might be.”

Price Chopper

“We can use the alert mode to let people know exactly what is happening in real time.”

Learn how digital signage can help...

These resources will help you to better understand how digital signage solutions can help your office, department or branch.
Take a look, and feel free to browse our full Resources section for more helpful tools and advice.

Visix is a Certified Veteran-Owned Small Business

The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs has certified Visix as a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) and has added the company to its Vendor Information Pages.

VOSB is a company diversity registration designated under the Veteran Benefits, Health Care, and Information Technology Act of 2006 (Public Law 109-461). The designation is non-industry specific and qualifies companies to participate in the Veterans First Contracting Program for preferential procurement of federal contracts. Sean Matthews, President and CEO of Visix, served in the United States Marine Corps and the Marine Corps Reserve between 1985 and 1992, and is a veteran of the Persian Gulf War.

Visix is a certified Veteran-Owned Small Business

Replace paper schedules and sloppy calendars with digital E Ink room signs from Visix

E-Paper Efficiencies | Affordable Room Signs

Replace printed room schedules with sleek, affordable electronic paper signs that are always up to date. Our e-paper room signs are portable and wireless, so they’re perfect for office hoteling.