8 Tips to Build Community with Government Digital Signage

Government is about community. Whether a municipal, state or federal branch, police station or chamber of commerce, your goal is to keep the public informed and involved. Digital signs can be used for a broad array of communications for your staff, visitors and local businesses, so everyone feels a part of the community. Are you considering a government digital signage system for your office? Or, maybe you already have one, but need ideas for how to engage your audience. Either way, our infographic will guide you through some basic tips to grab attention with relevant content your audience needs:

Outreach – engage the public and improve the customer experience by offering general info on screens; free up your staff to spend time answering specific questions.

Events – advertise upcoming events to encourage participation in community events, educational or training courses, or registration for government services.

Guidance – reinforce policies and clarify processes for the most common questions and service requests; show upcoming deadlines and point out where people can find resources.

Wayfinding – help visitors find their way to the right office with directories and maps on screens; consider interactive kiosks using touchscreens or voice user interfaces.

Efficiencies – nobody likes standing in line, so give them something engaging to distract and entertain them while they wait, including queuing information.

Alerts – support safety and inform everyone immediately in case of an emergency; send notices to every screen at once or choose only those that need to broadcast the alert.

Inclusion – promote inclusivity with diversity and tolerance policies, reach the hearing impaired and show messages in different languages to engage everyone in the community.

Advertising – highlight local vendors, clubs and organizations by showing their ads on your screens; you can even charge a small fee to offset operational costs.

To get started with your own government digital signage system, contact Visix. In the meantime, here are eight ways to bolster your community relations using digital signs:

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