Digital Signage Benefits for 10 Corporate Teams

Engaging employees is the driving force behind successful businesses. Corporate teams can use digital signs to communicate with every person in your organization about what’s happening in their world, and everyone can benefit from a comprehensive and well-planned digital signage strategy. The digital signage benefits are simple – better communications make for more engaged teams:

Executives see bottom-line results

When employees are engaged and informed, your company does better – higher productivity, lower turnover and overall job satisfaction – use digital signage to drive change and impact your bottom line.

Motivate your sales team

Motivate your sales team to excellence by showing top performers, recent contracts, current sales figures, progress toward quotas, and more.

Share accounting metrics

Keep everyone in the loop with current metrics and progress toward financial goals. Show quarterly numbers, profits and trends over time.

Reach the production floor

Include and encourage your factory floor with safety tips and updates, training opportunities, current inventory information, new delivery procedures and critical KPIs.

Modernize internal communications

Internal communications can be shown in an attractive, engaging way – much better than printed posters and newsletters. Empower and engage your workforce by grabbing their attention with movement and video.

Energize your customer service

Keep everyone energized and ready to support your clients. Show recent promotions, queuing systems, CSAT levels, call center data, new product or service tips, training and webinar schedules and more.

Expand human resources outreach

Extend your influence to everywhere employees congregate – break rooms, shared offices, elevator banks. Highlight employee anniversaries and birthdays, current benefits offerings, deadlines for paperwork and more.

Collaborate with IT/network teams

Move your company beyond email to show dynamically-presented data by integrating collaborative apps, social media and webpages, calendar programs – anything you can show on a screen can go on a digital sign.

Advertise marketing initiatives

Inspire your workforce with information on products and services currently on offer or launching soon. Highlight new pricing and distributors, and keep everyone updated on your latest promotions.

Improve facilities with touchscreens

Use digital signage touchscreens with interactive wayfinding and directories, energy dashboards and real-time shuttle mapping to enhance the visitor experience and improve safety.

If you’re thinking about digital signage for your business, we can help. In the meantime, check out our infographic for details on how digital signs can help your corporate teams:

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