Digital Signage Buyers’ Guide

Modern digital signage is much more than just PowerPoint running on a TV. Anything with a screen can be a digital sign – large displays, desktop monitors, room signs, BYOD devices like smartphones and tablets, and interactive touchscreens can be used singly or combined for a dynamic visual communications strategy. In our Digital Signage Buying Guide, we’ll walk you through the types and benefits of digital signs, content ideas, and what you need to build a successful system.

Organizations of any size can benefit from using digital signage – from a single screen in the lobby to video walls and kiosks placed across a campus, or across facilities around the globe. And it’s scalable, so small deployments can easily be expanded into larger ones.

You can post daily announcements, display timely alerts in an emergency, reinforce and market your brand, connect with your employees and the public, and get people engaged and motivated. Need more convincing? Our guide lays it all out:

  • 20 Reasons to Use Digital Signage
  • Bottom-Line Benefits
  • Types of Messaging
  • Quick Content Ideas
  • What’s in a System?
  • The Process
  • Planning Your Digital Signage System
  • Questions to Ask Before Buying Software
  • The Visix Advantage
  • How to Get Started