Guide to Better Communications in the Agile Workplace

Technology, tastes and expectations have been pushing organizations to rethink how their workplaces work, and then the COVID pandemic accelerated that trend. Employee expectations have changed, and there are a number of new ideas on what the workplace can look like. While completing tasks and achieving goals is still important, ideas of new workplace configuration and systems put people first.

In this guide, we look at several ideas that are getting implemented around the world in an effort to adjust to these changing times. Concepts such as Human-Centered Design (HCD), Activity-Based Working (ABW), Agile Work, Flexible Work, Remote Work and Hybrid Workplaces are explained. Specific methods for adjusting the workplace, such as office neighborhoods, room signs, office hoteling, hotdesking, QR codes and augmented reality (AR) space booking are all explored, with suggestions on how organizations of any type or size can start changing the way they work, communicate and engage.

There are many tangible benefits to adopting some or all of these notions. Employees are more engaged, which means they are more productive. It’s easier to attract talent and also to keep them around longer. Some newer technologies enable analytic metrics, so organizations can have real insight into how things are being used (or not used). And, of course, digital signage remains one of the best tools for achieving and enhancing these goals.

Ultimately, all of this impacts on the bottom line. Employees that stay longer don’t need to be replaced, which is expensive. New physical configurations of workspaces can lead to a reduction in overhead costs, like rent, electricity and so on. Many of these new methods save time, and time, after all, is money.

  • The New Workplace
  • The New Culture
  • Human-Centered Design (HCD)
  • Activity-Based Working (ABW)
  • Understanding the Agile Work Environment
  • The Advantages of Flexible Work
  • 10 Tips for Flexible Offices
  • 11 Ways the Hybrid Workplace Affects Internal Comms
  • Visual Communications in the Hybrid Workplace
  • Rethinking Communications for Virtual Engagement
  • 10 Tips for Engaging Remote Workers
  • The Benefits of Office Hoteling
  • 5 Reasons to Use Room Signs
  • Interactive Room Signs
  • Electronic Paper Room & Desk Signs
  • 8 Benefits of Hoteling with E-Paper Rooms Signs
  • Hotdesking Pros, Cons & Tips
  • Choros BYOD Space Booking
  • QR Codes for More Active Communications
  • Best Practices for Office Neighborhoods
  • 12 Ways to Streamline Space Booking
  • The Value of Communications Analytics
  • Shaping the Future of Work
  • How to Get Started