Boost CX & VX with Digital Signage for Retail

The name of the game in retail is customer experience or CX. Digital signage for retail is an invaluable tool for enhancing CX, helping create an immersive experience for visitors to your venue, and aligning your offerings on site and online.

Entice customers with your products and services, share promotions, encourage impulse purchases and drive traffic to specified areas, all while reinforcing your brand using modern methods. Messages can also reduce perceived wait times, connect your business to your customers and help craft a more personalized shopping experience.

Your staff can also benefit from digital signage, seeing messages tailored to their needs. Motivate and recognize achievements,
update them on benefits and deadlines, and use easy widgets to automatically pull in event schedules, inventory info, sales
statistics and other key indicators from outside data sources.

Show announcements, promos, queuing, new products and services – there’s no end to the types of things you can present
quickly, efficiently and affordable using digital signs:

  • Mimic the online experience with digital information sources
  • Engage customers and visitors in real time
  • Manage public perception of your brand to build loyalty and trust
  • Reduce perceived wait times with on-screen media and messages
  • Improve the customer experience with screens, video walls and interactive kiosks
  • Engage and motivate your workforce with employee-focused content

Grab our free white paper to learn the benefits of digital signage for retailers, and get practical advice on systems and content:

  • What is Digital Signage?
  • The Benefits of Digital Signage
  • Planning Your Strategy
  • Choosing a System
  • Content Ideas
  • QSR Digital Signage
  • Digital Signage for Tourist Attractions
  • Get Interactive
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