Web Widgets

There is a lot of valuable, creative content out on the web. Take advantage of it to cut your creative workload and serve up content that people are already following. Our web widgets give you a great timesaver if someone else is already creating the information you want to share.

Your organization is probably already using the web to advertise products, connect with social media and collaborate in online apps. Use these widgets to bring the online experience to your in-house screens.

Web Page & Web Browser

Our Web Page and Web Browser widgets let you pull content directly from webpages into your layouts. Whether you just want to show a webpage, an image or image playlist from a URL, or a fully-functional HTML5 application at 4K resolution, our web widgets have you covered. Just place the widget on your layout or in a playlist, point to the URL and set the refresh interval.

These widgets are perfect for showing content subscriptions like News-in-Pictures, SharePoint, dashboards, social media pages and interactive designs like wayfinding, menus, donor boards, queuing systems or other HTML5 apps hosted outside your CMS.

Show content from webpages and web browsers on digital signs with easy widgets

HTML5 Playlist Viewer

Want to export your own message playlists to the web? Our HTML5 Playlist Viewer lets you do just that. It’s not a widget, but a feature in our AxisTV Manage CMS.

In addition to sending your playlists to players for digital signs, you can create an HTML5 playlist that’s published to a unique URL with playback controls. Audiences can view your messages on a dedicated webpage, embedded in websites like intranets, or with a simple URL link in an email. Since the feed is published using HTML5 markup, your messages and videos will scale accurately on any screen size.

You can assign more than one playlist to a single URL feed, and choose playback options and transitions. You can also assign a clickable URL to messages in HTML5 playlists, so viewers can click out for more information.