Media Widgets

Media is at the heart of visual communications. If you’re designing messages and videos outside of our digital signage software, you can easily import them, stream them or pull them from a network directory – all with easy drag-n-drop media widgets that give you lots of formatting and playback options.

Media Directory

You can directly import images and videos into the CMS. But if you’d rather manage your media files outside of AxisTV Manage, our Media Directory widget lets you do just that.

This widget acts as a self-contained playlist that displays some or all of the media files found in one or more folders on your network. You can choose what type of files are played, as well as how often the CMS checks for updates.

Simply drag the widget onto a layout and point to the network folder where you manage your images and videos. Once you set up the credentials, you can set how the media is sorted and played back, the playback duration for images (videos play as normal), transitions and entrance effects, volume for videos and more.

Our media widgets let you show images, videos and streams from external sources


Our Stream widget lets you include a live stream on a layout. These are played as programs, which interrupt scheduled playlists. Simply drag the widget onto a program zone and enter the full URL path to the stream. Because programs interrupt scheduled playlists, this is a great option for when you want to show a live stream of a meeting like a Town Hall, a live web event or other special programs.

Video Capture

With an HDMI video capture card on your media player, you can show live video from set-top boxes and other sources.


Looking for how to manage audio? You don’t need a widget. Audio controls are built into the configuration options when you use video files or streams in AxisTV Signage Suite.