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Running the most current version of our software ensures you get the most from your digital signage system. Each release improves system performance and gives you new tools and features that help you create, manage and deliver your visual communications faster and easier.

Every client can purchase the updates and our support subscription customers receive them for free. Need some advice? We’re happy to help you pick the best options for both software and hardware upgrades.

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The latest releases for our AxisTV and Conference applications come directly from customer feedback. They focus on some basic improvements and fixes to make content management easier and more efficient.

AxisTV v.9.8

Support for current version of VLC

AxisTV Channel Player has been updated to work with version 3.0.2 of VLC media player. NOTE: This update is not backward compatible with older versions of VLC media player. After a player has been upgraded to AxisTV 9.8.0, the VLC media player must be upgraded to version 3.0.2 or newer.

Play Mode enhancements

The Change Mode workflow, which is accessible via System Tools | Mode, now includes a new column, Display Group, which shows the display group(s) for each player. The Change Mode (for display groups) workflow, accessible via Configure | Player | Play, now shows all play modes associated with the players constituting each display group, with the number of players for each play mode shown in parentheses.

Event and News Message scheduling enhanced

The schedule step for Create | Events and Create | News offered the option to specify pace as either automatic, based on amount of text or a specific number of seconds. Both of these plugins use their own rules to specify the pace of each message. The Event Message Plugin uses the pace settings in the event group configuration while the News Message Plugin always sets the pace automatically based on the amount of text.

Other enhancements:

  • Obsolete features removed from web user interface
  • Various bug fixes
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