Digital Signage for Manufacturing

Connect the office to the factory floor, monitor KPIs, recognize achievements and improve safety

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Improve Workplace Productivity & Safety

Do you find it difficult to communicate between the front office and the factory floor? Do warehouse employees sometimes miss important messages? Whether it’s in the office, on the production line or in the stockroom, real-time data is the key to productivity.

Our digital signage software lets you deliver unified messages to all sectors of your business from one easy-to-use application. This gives you more ways to engage your workforce, build community and increase efficiencies.

Keeping your employees informed of progress toward goals is an important part of daily operations and encouraging your team. With AxisTV Signage Suite digital signage, you can show current news and metrics to keep your employees updated and motivated.

Digital signage lets you show the right thing, on the right screen, at the right time. Because you can choose what’s shown where, you can share office announcements with manufacturing personnel and production data with office workers – unifying your front and back office operations.

  • Display data-triggered content 24/7 in real-time with auto-updating visual gauges based on what’s happening on your production floor
  • Drag-n-drop our data-integration widgets for Microsoft Excel®, XML, JSON and more to show your production numbers, while using variable font colors to highlight low, medium and high levels
  • Show number of days without an accident, along with safety and training videos
  • Craft shift-based announcements with our user-friendly design and scheduling tools
  • Keep your workforce educated about current regulations and trends
  • Recognize employee anniversaries and your best performers using simple fill-in-the-blank templates
  • Use interactive widgets to give plant employees access to HR updates and other company info on demand
  • Publish playlists to webpages, intranets & mobiles for remote employees
  • Go cloud to have us take care of your CMS maintenance and player upgrades, or on-premise to leverage your data center
  • Better manage shared spaces and meeting rooms with digital room signs

Drive Productivity & Morale

Recognizing individual and team achievements is one of the most powerful motivators you have, and our digital signage software makes it easy. On digital signage displays, you can:

  • Display productivity goals and KPIs
  • Monitor inventory and resources
  • Recognize individual and team accomplishments
  • Show health and safety announcements
  • Connect all parts of the business

Show excel data on digital signs to keep shift workers updated

Excel Integration | Show Your Stats

Don’t let those spreadsheets go to waste. Show Excel data updates in real time on your digital signs to keep your workforce updated, motivated and engaged. AxisTV Signage Suite widgets let you map data from Excel and other sources, so your screens update automatically.

Free Safety Messages

Our safety message subscription gives you a new visual every weekday to inspire, motivate and protect your workforce. In addition, you’ll have access to over 200 free message designs covering a range of topics from COVID-19 and inspirational quotes to trivia and stress relief tips.

As an introductory offer, we’re offering a FREE 30-DAY TRIAL for current clients and for those who purchase a new AxisTV Signage Suite content management system. If you’d like to continue with a paid subscription, the affordable annual fee covers an unlimited number of players and screens.

Our award-winning artists design our safety subscription messages specifically for digital signs, with general OSHA-inspired EHS tips, quotes, trivia, calendar highlights and messages tailored to a variety of specialty tasks and environments.

Data-Driven Signage

Manufacturers like BASF, Triumph Foods, Katcho, Vista Outdoor and TT Electronics already use our digital signage software. Let us help you engage, motivate and unite your workforce with an enterprise manufacturing signage solution from Visix.

Cardinal Glass Industries

“Visix technical people are superior, and always have the right fix and the right answers when we get ourselves in trouble. Communication success for our organization is their priority.”

Constellium Rolled Products Ravenswood, LLC

“Great company to work with. Their support has been outstanding, and their product works as designed. Up and running from scratch in no time.”

Excel Industries

“I had a request to change something in Visix and was not sure how to do it, and sent an email to Visix Support. Visix Support actually called me and walked me through the process! That’s what I call great customer service.”

MEG Energy

“Visix sets the standard rarely seen in support. The team is both knowledgeable and professional. Issues are dealt with swiftly – better yet, they rarely occur.”


“The system is easy to use. The consistency of messaging, rapid turnaround, and cost savings are huge.”

Dayton Freight

“Visix will save us a lot of money over time. In fact, the system will pay for itself in about three years.”


“Visix software allows you to create communications and get them out there very quickly.”

Gibbs Die Casting

“(The software) helps us get to people wherever they might be.”

Price Chopper

“We can use the alert mode to let people know exactly what is happening in real time.”

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