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Digital signage for manufacturing

Do you find it difficult to communicate between the front office and the factory floor? Do warehouse employees sometimes miss important messages? Whether it’s in the office, on the production line or in the stockroom, real-time data is the key to productivity.

Our digital signage software lets you deliver unified messages to all sectors of your business from one easy-to-use application. This gives you more ways to engage your workforce, build community and increase efficiencies.

Keeping your employees informed of progress toward goals is an important part of daily operations and encouraging your team. With AxisTV digital signage, you can show current news and metrics to keep your employees updated and motivated.

Recognizing individual and team achievements is one of the most powerful motivators you have, and our digital signage software makes it easy. On digital signage displays, you can:

  • Display productivity goals and KPIs
  • Monitor inventory and resources
  • Recognize individual and team accomplishments
  • Show health and safety announcements

Digital signage lets you show the right thing, on the right screen, at the right time. Because you can choose what’s shown where, you can share office announcements with manufacturing personnel and production data with office workers – unifying your front and back office operations.

Manufacturers like BASF, Triumph Foods, Katcho, Vista Outdoor and TT Electronics already use our digital signage software. Let us help you engage and motivate your workforce with a unified digital signage solution.

Learn how digital signage can help

These resources will help you to better understand how digital signage solutions can help your organization. Take a look, and feel free to browse our full Resources section for more helpful tools and advice.

Data-Driven Signage

AxisTV digital signage software can easily integrate with your office applications, like Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint and Exchange.


Show your stats

Don’t let those spreadsheets go to waste. Show Excel data updates in real time on your digital signs to keep your workforce updated, motivated and engaged.

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