Drive Change and Improve Safety with Digital Signage for Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing is a vital part of the economy, with nearly 9% of all employment coming from that sector. Comparing industrial employees globally, American workers are very well compensated and yet are often not engaged in their workplace. There are numerous studies showing that companies with an engaged workforce are more productive and more profitable, and have reduced turnover. Digital signage for manufacturing facilities can help you engage your workforce for measurable results.

The manufacturing environment is unique, and requires more than traditional communication methods to keep everyone in contact. In many workplaces, it’s not possible for someone to check their email on a desktop or mobile device, and where they are may be too loud to have a conversation. Managers are busy trying to keep to production deadlines and don’t have time to craft good communications. And paper notices in the break room just aren’t enough to keep workers, some of whom are temporary contractors, informed and engaged.


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Digital signage is a natural fit for connecting the front office with the factory floor. It’s visual, displays can be placed anywhere you need them, messages can be tailored to specific locations and repeated as often as needed, and it’s dynamic to attract people’s attention. By adding real-time data to your playlists, everyone can stay in the loop and on the same page. Employees become engaged, efficiencies increase, and turnover reduces. Not to mention safety announcements and reminders – manufacturing environments can sometimes pose risks that can be minimized with a well-thought-out digital signage strategy.