6 Ways Digital Displays Can Improve Productivity

Are you considering digital displays for your manufacturing facility? Whether it’s in the office, on the production line or in the stockroom, real-time data is the key to improve productivity. Factory digital signage lets you deliver unified messages to all sectors of your business to engage your workforce, build community and increase efficiencies.

Connect the office and the factory floor

Connect your front and back office so they feel part of a cohesive community. Let the factory floor in on what top management is focused on, and make sure your office teams know what production is doing day to day.

Keep everyone updated on KPIs

Display goals and KPIs, so your people always know what’s expected and where they stand in comparison. Deliver progress-toward-goal metrics, quarterly figures and targets, customer satisfaction feedback, team productivity contests and more.

Reinforce health and safety

Reinforce health and safety procedures so everyone is reminded to work safely. Display number of accident-free days, health and safety tips, evacuation policies, first aid station locations and more.


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Show real-time updates and announcements

Engage and educate all of your employees so they always know what’s happening. Show up-to-
the-minute information, updated procedures and policies, stats and kudos – all attractively designed and presented.

Recognize individuals and teams

Recognize individual and team accomplishments so the whole company can share in their success. Highlight quotas met or exceeded, awards received by individuals, teams and the company, or spotlight individual employees with bios.

Track processes and resources

Monitor inventory and other resources on screen so your line always knows what’s on hand and what’s needed. Track lead times, streamline stock replenishment procedures, and show average processing and shipping times.

If you’d like more info on digital signage for your facility, contact us. In the meantime, download our infographic to see how digital signs can improve productivity for your teams:

Download our free infographic: 6 ways digital signs can improve productivity

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