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Increase Student Engagement & Improve Safety

You have a lot going on every day, and it can be daunting to communicate everything that’s happening to students, parents, teachers and staff. In order to do your job efficiently, you need innovative tools that let you inform, educate and engage all of those audiences quickly and easily. Digital signage is the solution.

Visix digital signage software is a scalable, user-friendly platform that lets you show announcements, media and alerts on screens throughout your school and across your district. Centralized control means you can publish individual messages on particular screens that you select – no matter where they’re installed. Show daily lunch menus, PowerPoint slides, library notices, and more.

Today’s students and teachers are tech-savvy, so digital signage is a perfect communication solution to connect with digital natives. The software is so simple to use, teachers and administrators can create content or you can allow students to create messages for displays. But don’t worry, there’s an approval process built into the software.

  • Use fill-in-the-blank templates to make content creation a breeze. Promote academic and athletic events, and recognize achievements by students and teachers
  • Point to a network folder to pull images and videos onto screens
  • Download ready-made content kits and schedule automated content feeds to keep screens fresh and engaging
  • Override all screens with our Alert Management System (AMS) via CAP-compliant triggers or the AMS web interface – we support Rave Mobile, Alertus, Singlewire, e2campus and others
  • Show meeting and event schedules leveraging direct API integrations with Google for Education, Microsoft Exchange®, Office 365 and more
  • Go with a cloud CMS to have Visix take care of maintenance and player upgrades, or on-premise to leverage your existing data center
  • Publish message playlists to webpages, intranets & mobiles for remote employees, students & staff
  • Consider wireless and battery-powered electronic paper signs for your shared spaces. Bright custom faceplates match your school brand

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Centralize Your Communications

Our user-friendly digital signage software lets you streamline and unify communication efforts in your school or across an entire school district:

  • Advertise after-school activities
  • Centralize morning announcements
  • Showcase student work
  • Broadcast safety alerts and instructions
  • Countdown to deadlines or events
  • Promote athletics, clubs and more

Show PowerPoint slides and presentations from administrators, teachers and students with digital signage

PowerPoint Integration | Show Off Your Slides

Create, manage and deliver announcements from your desktop to the screen with our intuitive design tools. Spotlight single PowerPoint slides or whole presentations from administrators, teachers and students with our easy importing and scheduling tools. If you prefer, you can also point to a folder on your network to automatically play and update images and videos on screens.

User Friendly Digital Signage

Schools and school districts – like Littleton Public Schools, San Mateo Union School District, York County Schools and Calgary Catholic School District – are already using AxisTV to grow participation and build community.

American University

“Content creation, because its web based, just couldn’t be easier.”

Bryant University

“If there’s an emergency, everyone can be notified immediately.”

Catholic University

“The advantage of AxisTV is that you can have multiple users with layered security.”

Coastal Carolina University

“AxisTV can get your message out much more quickly and effectively than a piece of paper on the wall.”

Colorado State University-Pueblo

“There’s a kind of coolness factor to using digital signage, and we’re changing the attitude towards paper flyers. The message today is: go digital, go green.”

Georgia Perimeter College

“Visix has a knowledgeable sales staff. They had good clear view of what the product could do now and in the future.”

Goodwin College

“The ease of use and control we have over the system, combined with the speed at which messages can be displayed, makes Visix a tremendous solution for digital signage.”

Montgomery County Community College

“AxisTV has made it a lot simpler to disseminate information to our students.”

Mountain Empire Community College

“It’s extremely easy to use…I can do it with my eyes closed.”

Ohio State University

“It’s flexible, it’s fast, and it lets us get breaking news out quickly.”

Queens College

“It’s just a well thought out, rock solid product.”

Rowan University

“Once you’re set up, it’s all web based so anybody can do it.”

Shelton State Community College

“It really allows us to keep a connection with our students, faculty, staff and community members…It’s helped us draw in more participation in campus events.”

Virginia Commonwealth University

“Our ability to push information beyond displays to PCs and portable devices is invaluable.”

University of Iowa

“The Visix system is easy to use, adaptable to our purposes, and very reliable – and it’s green.”

University of Kentucky

“The scheduling ability is great. Once it’s up, we don’t have to touch it again.”

University of South Florida

“If there’s an emergency on campus, all of our screens go into alert mode.”

University of Virginia

“I estimate it has reduced our paper usage by 10 to 15 percent.”

University of Western Ontario

“It has delivered more than we ever expected.”

Univerity of Wisconsin Oshkosh

“It has made my work easier, it has made our communications more effective and it has made us a lot greener. AxisTV really has exceeded my expectations.”

University of Wisconsin River Falls

“We looked at a lot of other products, but kept coming back to Visix because of the front-end interface.”

Virginia Western Community College

“It has the best price-to-feature ratio and is performing all the tasks we need, so we haven’t had to look anywhere else for our campus communications.”

Yale University

“It’s very versatile.”

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