Improve Communications and Safety with Digital Signage for Schools

Primary schools, junior highs, high schools and even entire school districts have to be current as they communicate with students, parents, teachers and staff. Digital signage for schools allows you to be up-to-date with attractive colorful still and moving images, and keep everyone informed and in the loop.

Schools today have a lot on their plates, and many are taking to technology to help them grab their students’ attention and communicate more effectively with a generation already immersed in tech. Just walk around your school and take a look. Chances are that the majority of students are using phones or tablets – looking at videos, texting, searching for and sharing information of all kinds. So it makes sense to engage, educate and alert them with tools they’re already comfortable with.

Timely, good-looking information on displays around your school or district makes you look 21st century, allows you to react in real time to the changing world inside and outside the school, and enables coordinated campaigns that gets the information people need to the right place at the right time. Digital signage is dynamic, has zero printing and disposal costs, and – key for educational facilities – allows instant safety alerts across the entire building, campus or district.

Benefits For Schools

  • Manage your communications from one place, with one set of standards
  • Unite your school campus, or your district, with common branding
  • Improve workflows for more efficient communications
  • Target specific groups when and where they need to be targeted
  • Increase participation in events and after-school activities
  • Improve connections between teachers, students and admin
  • Eliminate mass emails by pushing important information out to displays

Benefits For Students

  • Engage and inform with dynamic content
  • Recognize student achievement publicly
  • Increase school spirit and sense of community
  • Promote students’ efforts – push extracurricular activities like athletics, drama productions, art club, student organizations, yearbook, etc.
  • Reach different learning styles by using different types of media

Show announcements, alerts, daily lunch menus, library notices, student activities, sporting events – there is no end to the types of things you can present quickly, efficiently and affordable using digital signage.

In our white paper, we’ll walk you through the essential steps for launching successful digital signage for schools or school districts:

  • A digital signage primer
  • The benefits for schools and students
  • Planning your strategy
  • Choosing a system
  • Content ideas and tips
  • Safety and alerts