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Digital signage for schools

You have a lot going on every day, and it can be daunting to communicate everything that’s happening to students, parents, teachers and staff. In order to do your job efficiently, you need innovative tools that let you inform, educate and engage all of those audiences quickly and easily. Digital signage is the solution.

AxisTV digital signage software is a scalable, user-friendly platform that lets you show announcements, media and alerts on screens throughout your school and across your district. Centralized control means you can publish individual messages on particular screens that you select – no matter where they’re installed. Show daily lunch menus, PowerPoint slides, library notices, and more.

Digital signage software allows you to streamline and unify communication efforts in your school:

  • Advertise after-school activities
  • Centralize morning announcements
  • Showcase student work
  • Broadcast safety alerts and directions
  • Reduce paper and waste

Today’s students and teachers are tech-savvy, so digital signage is a perfect communication solution for K-12 environments. The software is so simple to use, teachers and administrators can create content or you can allow students to create messages for displays. But don’t worry, there’s an approval process built in.

Schools and school districts – like the State of Hawaii Department of Education, Littleton Public Schools, York County Schools, Calgary Catholic School District and Horace Mann School – are already using AxisTV to grow participation and build community. Contact us to find out how we can help you do the same in your school.

Learn how digital signage can help

These resources will help you to better understand how digital signage solutions can help your school. Take a look, and feel free to browse our full Resources section for more helpful tools and advice.

User-Friendly Signage

Create, manage and deliver announcements from your desktop to the screen with our intuitive design tools and scheduler.

Show PowerPoint slides and presentations from administrators, teachers and students with digital signage


Show off your slides

Spotlight single slides or whole presentations from administrators, teachers and students with our easy importing and scheduling tools.

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