Go Green, Save Green Infographic

There are many benefits to your organization being environmentally conscious. However, when you deploy digital signage, going green has more benefits than saving the planet – it saves you money in the long run. Showing messages on digital signs can reduce paper consumption, printing waste and designer time. Engaging digital communications also encourage collaboration, recognize achievement and motivate action, which increases productivity to make money. All of these digital signage savings contribute to your global footprint, corporate culture and bottom line.

Reduce paper needs

The United States goes through 3.7 million tons of copy paper each year. Digital signage lets your HR department eliminate printed flyers, posters
and newsletters.

No need to pay a designer

The average salary for a designer is $40,474. Digital signage software has user-friendly design tools. Any employee can create digital messages, no design experience necessary.

Increased productivity

Employees that are engaged are 300% more likely to exceed performance expectations. Communicate easily and effectively to motivate your staff via digital displays.

Stop printing so much

On average, a single employee costs your company $600 per year in printing. Memos and need-to-knows no longer need to be printed, instead they are displayed on your big screens to engage everyone at once.

Contact us to discover how digital signs can affect your green efforts and bottom line. In the meantime, download our infographic for some handy digital signage savings statistics:

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