Launching a Successful Digital Signage Pilot

A successful digital signage pilot lets you launch and test your system, processes and messaging on a small scale before rolling it out across the entire organization.

Whether you’re deciding whether or not to purchase a system, or want to test one you’ve already bought, you’ll want to evaluate the team, technology and workflows in place, so you can make adjustments before going public.

This also gives you time to get your screen designs just right. Test your layouts, message backgrounds and templates – not only for size and resolution, but to make sure they look great together on screen. You can judge if you have the right number and type of templates for your teams, and whether your contributors might need a little design coaching.

By dedicating some time up front, you can avoid mistakes that will eat up resources and delay your launch. And, by having a clear plan and goals, you’ll be set up for success from the beginning, have everyone on the same page and be ready to engage your audience on day one.

In our quick-read white paper, we’ll walk you through the essential steps for launching a successful digital signage pilot:

  • Why a Digital Signage Pilot?
  • Tips for a Successful Pilot
    • Set Your Goals
    • Define the Scope
    • Deploy the Pilot
    • Train Your Team
    • Run the Pilot
    • Assess and Adjust