5 Signs Your Corporate Communication System is Failing

A good corporate communication system is essential in today’s world. Businesses aren’t only competing for customers, you’re also competing for talent. You can streamline processes, engage employees and increase productivity with well-crafted communications. However, it’ s not uncommon for companies to struggle with their internal communications.

There are so many different communication tools available today that both employers and employees can get a little lost. If you’re trying to manage massive amounts of email, intranets, collaboration tools and documents at the same time, that can make it hard to get messages through the clutter. Here are five signals that your communications might need to be improved:

Employees are confused

If your staff is generally perplexed and left in the dark about company issues, your system may be failing. Keep your staff informed to keep them engaged and working efficiently.

You’re wasting paper

Has your company printed thousands of flyers and company memos in the past months? If so, it may be time to rethink how you disseminate information. Let’s face it – saving paper just makes sense – not only in terms of the environment but in your bottom line.

Nobody participates in events

Employees may not come to the company Holiday Party or participate in the blood drive because they do not know about it. It can be very difficult to send corporate information to every person on the staff.

Employees feel undervalued

If your employees feel unappreciated it can show in their work and they may begin to look for opportunities elsewhere. Do you have a system in place to recognize hard working employees or
introduce new staff members?

Your HR department is overtasked

Organizations that have multiple locations often put a lot of pressure on their HR employees to inform and engage the entire staff. This can be very difficult, without the proper tools in place.

Need help engaging employees? We can help. In the meantime, download our infographic to see if any of these warning signs show up in your corporate communication system:

Download our free infographic to see 5 reasons your Corporate Communication System is failing

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