10 Ideas for Interactive Digital Signage

Even though your digital signage is stunning, it’s still a passive communications vehicle. Why not include your audience in the process with engaging touchscreen designs that let them navigate through information on their own? Audiences are used to looking up info on the web and on their phones, so you can expand that experience to your digital signs. Consider some of these popular interactive digital signage ideas:

  • Hot spots and kiosking
  • Interactive wayfinding
  • Touchscreen directories
  • Office hoteling
  • Donor boards
  • Digital menus
  • Social media
  • Shuttle mapping
  • Energy dashboards
  • Custom projects

Interactive digital signage is becoming more popular as the price of touchscreens comes down. It’s dynamic, allows you to show more on a single screen, and improves the visitor experience. It also takes the burden off of your receptionist or info desk, because it lets people find information on their own.

And keep in mind that interactive doesn’t have to mean touchscreen. Voice user interfaces, gesture interfaces, and even things as simple as QR codes can add interactivity to standard displays. It’s really about the content and getting your audience to engage with it versus passively viewing the information.

Want to launch an interactive design of your own? We can help. Download our infographic for ten great interactive digital signage ideas to get your audience engaged and involved:

Download our free infographic for 10 Ideas for Interactive Digital Signage

Want more details about how you can use interactive digital signage? Read our white paper here.