Get Interactive with Touchscreen Digital Signage Designs

Our world is becoming more interactive every day – smartphones, tablets, airport kiosks, self-checkouts at the grocery – we’re becoming used to touching screens to get what we need. Interactive digital signs make sense in today’s business world as another tool we can use to let people seek out information on their own.

  • You can present a lot of information in a single source
  • The audience experience is improved
  • It alleviates the burden on support staff to give out information
  • It cuts down on printing costs and waste
  • It’s a clean, modern approach

Your audience is used to having control over their experience on the web and with other smart technologies, so interactive digital signs reinforce that independence. It turns their experience from passive to active, involving them in the process rather than just asking them to read a message on a screen. They can also pick and choose the content they want to look at.

Our white paper gives you lots of inspiration for the types of interactive digital signs you might use in your building or across campus.

  • Benefits of Interactive Signage
  • Hot Spots & Kiosking
  • Interactive Wayfinding
  • Touchscreen Directories
  • Office Hoteling & Room Booking
  • Donor Boards
  • Menu Boards
  • Social Media Boards
  • Virtual Concierge
  • Real-Time Shuttle Mapping
  • Building Dashboards
  • Custom Projects
  • Voice-Activated Signage