Digital Donor Boards Do More Than Just Say Thank You

Someone, an individual or organization, has generously donated to your organization– how can you show them your thanks, encourage them to give again, and entice others to be generous? Consider using digital donor boards and donor walls, all managed through your digital signage system.

When you receive a donation, you already send a follow up letter and receipt, thanking them for their contribution (and providing documentation for their taxes), and many facilities have a donor wall with brass plaques thanking donors. But with interactive digital donor boards, you can do so much more.

Digital donor boards are an attractive way to dynamically present information about your donors. Instead of just a bunch of static plaques on the wall, you can have detailed information available for anyone in your facility to see. And there are no empty spaces on your wall waiting for future names – you can focus on the donors you have.


Using interactive touchscreens lets you put an astonishing amount of information at people’s fingertips. Not just who donated what, but mission statements and bios of your benefactors. Photos and videos make the information even denser and more appealing, and web links or QR codes make accessing their websites simple. With such an information-rich delivery vehicle, you can take the time to tell your donors’ stories, and what their contributions have actually done for your organization, instead of just a few quick facts.

Just make sure you have all the information you want to include in advance before building your donor board, so the project doesn’t get stalled waiting for people to get back to you. And think about how people might want to view your donors – by first or last name, by category, by donation amount, etc. and build that functionality into your interactive menus.


Such attractive presentation will encourage others to give as well, especially if you include some messages in your digital signage playlists reminding people how they can contribute, what some of your fundraising goals are, or about annual giving campaigns.

Once your donors see how much you do for them on your donor board, they will be more likely to give again. And when other people and organizations see how you spotlight donors, they will be encouraged to donate themselves.


Most interactive donor boards are custom built to match the brand and goals of the facility. However, donor information can be easily updated by someone on your staff, so you don’t have to continue to pay outside design fees. Just make sure all you donor data is in a database that smoothly interacts with your digital signage system (like XML), and adding new donors or additional contributions becomes easy.

If you don’t want to use touchscreens, a donor board can be a simple as a digital signage layout with two content zones, one showing the donation information, and the other a photo or video of the donors. Most digital signage software will also let you publish to websites, so consider a donor spotlight on your site that’s fed by your digital signage playlist.

Different healthcare facility locations can also share information with one another, so displays in each place have the same data. This creates a unified design and feel across your organization. Multiple donor walls become a thing of the past – one system gives you everything you need.

With a well-thought-out donor board deployment, you can create a comprehensive directory of who has contributed, who they are, what they donated, what their donation went toward, and how others can participate as well. You then have a dynamic, attractive, modern way to thank generous patrons and encourage giving.

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