Software Updates

Keep your Visix applications updated for new features and better system performance.

Running the most current version of our software ensures you get the most from your digital signage system. Each release improves system performance and gives you new tools and features that help you create, manage and deliver your visual communications faster and easier.

Every client can purchase the updates, and our support subscription clients receive them for free. Need some advice? We’re happy to help you pick the best options for both software and hardware upgrades.

AxisTV Signage Suite v.1.50

  • New Praedictix weather widget and icons
  • New stock content
  • Bug fix for AxisTV Alert and AxisTV Siren
  • New feature for the HTML5 Message Playlist Viewer that lets clients add a More Information URL to messages, images and videos:
    • Content managers can add More Information URLs to Advanced Fill, Artwork, Batch of Stills, Data Message, Designed Message, Event Message, Media File, Pick & Fill, RSS and Weather Messages.
    • When the viewer clicks while hovering over an image or video, a new browser tab will open to the URL provided. This feature also works when the viewer is used in a nested iframe, as long as the iframe code permits it.
  • Easier player registration and licensing:
    • Clients can now register media players in a way that’s similar to setting up apps like Netflix or Hulu on a smart TV or Roku device. Player registration is done via the web by entering a simple code into the online Visix Store.
    • Licensing for the software, optional features, users and players is now handled through the AxisTV Manage Configuration tool on the server desktop, making it easier to view, manage and update licensing from a single source.
    • License details are now visible in the AxisTV Manage web interface, so all users can view the most current licensing information.

Plus, more usability enhancements and bug fixes.

AxisTV v.9.9.3

  • Bug fix allows messages to be scheduled in 2021 and future years.
  • Exchange widgets now support Office 365 Modern Authentication, based on OAuth 2.0.
    • Customers will need to reconfigure Exchange widgets after moving to OAuth.
  • Support for Flash player removed from all apps.

Consider switching to our AxisTV Signage Suite platform. If you don’t have a support subscription, we’ll work with you to put together the best package for your timeline and budget. To make things really easy, you can run AxisTV 9 and AxisTV Signage Suite concurrently while we’re making the switch to ensure no interruption in service.

Connect v.3.15

  • Upgraded PHP and Apache to enhance security measures.
  • Energy Saver Mode will now dim room signs to 25% brightness when enabled.
  • Remote upgrades are now initiated from the Connect Room Manager.
  • An ADMIN user may now change the default ADMIN user password.

Plus, other usability enhancements and bug fixes.