Digital Signage for Organizational Communications

With 20 years of experience and 4000+ systems delivered, Visix digital signage lets you send messages, media & alerts that reach everyone, everywhere, every time

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To connect with your audience, you have to deliver dynamic content that attracts people and motivates them to act – whether they’re in the office or working remotely. Only Visix offers a unified digital signage solution for every facet of your business with a three-pronged approach to engagement:

Visix digital signage media players can drive any screen size, interactive touchscreens and video walls


Any screen can be a digital sign. Our software lets you show 100+ content and data integrations on displays, webpages, mobiles and more.

Visix has award-winning digital signage artists to create custom interactive wayfinding, directories, menu boards and more


We not only sell and support the software, we help you create compelling content and interactive experiences to attract and engage your viewers.

Visix interactive and E Ink room signs show schedules, messages and alerts outside conference rooms and other shared spaces


Our digital room signs extend communications to meeting areas and shared spaces to make space management faster, easier and more efficient.

Focus on Engagement

Our digital signage solutions are designed specifically for organizational communications. Manage content from a single centralized application that lets you control every aspect of design, scheduling and user permissions.

You can easily publish info from your own databases and scheduling applications, and choose from a wide variety of content subscriptions and live, auto-updating feeds to keep your audience informed and engaged.

Publish messages, media and alerts to digital signs, meeting room signs, touchscreens, video walls, webpages, desktops and mobiles to reach your audience wherever they are, the way they prefer.

We provide everything you need for success, including software, hardware, hosting, creative, consulting, training subscriptions and multi-tier support options. Visix also partners with experienced AV integrators and IT VARs to provide our clients with end-to-end digital sign services and support.

Harness the Power of Visix Digital Signage Solutions


Our desktop designer lets you create messages, templates and layouts with ease. You can also start from 900+ stock templates or our plug-n-play content kits and subscriptions.


Drag and drop elements exactly where you want them on screen. Our powerful data widgets and conditional logic let you easily tie to live data sources for auto-updating content.


Deliver your visual communications to digital signs on site, and reach remote employees or students with message playlists on websites, intranets, mobiles and desktops.


Our user-friendly content management software lets you quickly import and schedule content, manage your on-screen schedules and more.


We offer software-only or bundled solutions, and you can choose from cloud or on-premise solutions with subscriptions or perpetual licenses.


Expand your digital signage to meeting areas with our e-paper and interactive room signs. Show schedules from your calendar app and more.

Create Exceptional Experiences for Your Audience

We offer digital signage solutions for any industry with a passion for communications. We want to make sure you and your team have everything they need to effectively communicate, so Visix specialists will walk you through every step of your digital signage strategy, from concept to completion.

Deliver Enterprise Communications

Organizations of all kinds are using digital signs to grab attention, deliver critical updates, motivate employees and impress visitors. Whether you’re planning a single display in your lobby, or digital signs across a global enterprise, we can help you break through the clutter for better communications.


Engage students, staff and visitors with dynamic digital signs across your campus. Show announcements, countdowns, interactive wayfinding, event schedules and more.


Motivate your employees with digital signage messaging, real-time performance indicators and meeting room management that keeps everyone updated in real time.


Enhance the in-branch customer experience for banks and credit unions with messaging, real-time financial updates and advertising for your products and services.


Manage visual communications for staff, visitors and your community – all from a central source – with our easy digital signage tools, templates and daypart scheduler.


Use digital signs and interactive wayfinding and directories to offer the best visitor experience – ease stress and relieve the burden on your staff by providing self-service kiosks.


Place beautiful digital signage throughout your venue with automated feeds, weather, flight updates and event schedules for the best possible guest experience.


Energize staff and students – recognize achievements, promote events and keep parents informed with dynamic digital signs throughout your school or school district.


Improve productivity, reinforce safety and boost morale when you connect the office and factory floor with stunning visual communications powered by real-time data.

What is Digital Signage? Does it Really Work?

Digital signage not only attracts and informs more people through creative presentation of your messages, but also reaches them instantly and reliably. It’s a modern approach to communications that draws in viewers with dynamic graphics and interactivity on screens of all sizes.

Whether your focus is on internal messaging, public relations or the guest experience, digital signs grab more attention, reach more types of viewers, and have a better recall rate than other types of communication. It also stimulates more interest, brand recognition and message retention.

We’re here to help you maximize the effectiveness of your digital signage solution. In addition to our award-winning products, services and support, we also have the largest library of free educational materials available.

  • Over 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual
  • People process visuals 60,000 times faster than text
  • Digital signs capture 400% more views than static displays
  • 63% of people say that digital signage captures their attention
  • 59% of people who see digital signs want to learn more about the topic
  • Digital signage messages have a recall rate of 83%
  • It has a 47.7% effectiveness rate for brand awareness
  • Digital signage for safety communications reduce workplace injury by 20%
  • Screens can potentially double audience information retention
  • Digital signs reduce perceived wait times by as much as 35%
  • 50% of communication pros use digital signage in their organizations