8 Ways to Use Digital Signage in Your Hospital

Healthcare facilities have to communicate with very different audiences – patients, visitors and staff – all of which have different interests and needs. Digital hospital signage is a great option for reaching each group with the digital content they want:

  • Educate – show nutrition info and health tips
  • Inform – advertise insurance tips and billing policies
  • Alert – publish safety and emergency alerts
  • Engage – show cable feeds, news and weather
  • Direct – offer digital wayfinding and directories
  • Raise Funds – thank donors and encourage giving
  • Communicate – target staff areas with internal messages
  • Save Money – stop printing posters and flyers

To get started with your own digital signage system, contact Visix. In the meantime, our experts have compiled eight uses for digital signs that are perfect for healthcare:

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8 Ways to Use Digital Hospital Signage Infographic

Need more info? Read our white paper to learn how to build community and empower your hospital staff.