Build Community and Empower Staff with Digital Signage for Healthcare

You have different audiences to communicate with for different purposes – visiting hours in your lobby, upcoming classes for outpatients and policy reminders to staff. Sharing relevant information in a timely fashion with those who need to know is crucial to the smooth operation of your healthcare facility. A well-planned strategy of using digital signage for healthcare can help.

Doctors’ and dentists’ offices, clinics, hospitals and other healthcare providers are finding that using digital signage to communicate with staff, patients and visitors has clear advantages – it’s flexible, dynamic and engaging – which can improve your patient and visitor experience, build community and empower your staff.

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities can be stressful places for people to go to, plus the size of many facilities can quickly overwhelm them. Anxiety negatively impacts the body’s ability to heal, so anything that can be done to reduce this is a health benefit. Anything that gives people information and allows them to make informed decisions reduces their stress.

Digital signage is modern and dynamic, allows real-time updates, reduces printing costs and clutter, integrates with safety alert systems, and allows you to tailor content.

In our white paper, we’ll walk you through the essential steps for launching a successful digital signage program.

  • Streamline and unify communications
  • Post news and announcement in real time
  • Attract your audience with bright, dynamic content
  • Reduce paper, waste and printing costs
  • Improve the visitor experience with interactive touchscreens
  • Broadcast safety announcements and instructions