5 Ways Digital Signage Can Help with Facility Management

Digital signage has changed facility management forever. You’re no longer stuck with placards and arrows for wayfinding, sirens for safety and boring plaques for meeting rooms. Technology can either replace or supplement boring, traditional methods of engaging your visitors, managing meeting rooms and sending alerts and messages across your organization.

You can consolidate all of these systems and manage them from a central software app. This makes your job easier, saves paper, and improves the visitor experience. Consider the possibilities of digital signage for your facility:

  • Publish messages to a single screen or across your facility
  • Use CAP-compliant alert triggers for safety notices
  • Improve the visitor experience with interactive wayfinding
  • Offer mobile wayfinding for visitor convenience
  • Use room signs to manage shared spaces more efficiently

Want to explore digital signage or room signs for facility management? We can help.  In the meantime, here are five ways that digital signage can help you improve safety and efficiencies on site:

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Download our infographic to learn five ways digital signage can help facility managers

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