Electronic Paper Room Signs

Replace your printed schedules with sleek, affordable E Ink signs that always display the latest information.

Affordable Room Sign Solutions

Our electronic paper signs (EPS) are the most cost-effective option to display current schedules outside your shared spaces – an inexpensive, wireless and battery-operated solution from Visix.

These compact displays don’t require any cabling, so they can be placed virtually anywhere. Easily mount them outside meeting rooms, classrooms, training rooms or any other space you reserve. You can also attach them to desks or cubicles used for workspace hoteling.

Our paper-white signs use E Ink technology for a bright display background with low reflectivity and high readability, and allow for both black and red colors on screen. Calendar changes are delivered to EPS room signs throughout the day without any user intervention, so you no longer have to manage outdated paper schedules.

EPS room signs are updated wirelessly via RF communication designed to minimize battery usage. A sign’s batteries are only activated when information changes, which allows batteries to last up to three years or 10,000 updates.

An EPS system can be used in conjunction with other Visix room signs and digital signage products, or as a completely stand-alone solution. 

  • An economical choice for displaying room schedules
  • Wireless and battery-powered room signs for convenience
  • Up-to-date schedules for meeting rooms, classrooms and training rooms
  • Use black and red ink for screen data, logos and more
  • An easy workspace management system for office hoteling
  • Resources to save time, money and waste by replacing printed schedules

EPS room signs show data from most event management systems, including:

  • Microsoft Exchange and Exchange 365
  • EMS Platform Services
  • Google Calendars
  • 25Live by CollegeNET
  • Delphi by Amadeus Hospitality and more


MeetingMinder™ EPS 60

EPS60 E Ink Room Sign

Display size: 4.7 x 3.5 inches
Resolution: 600 x 448
Dimensions: 5.2w x 4.2h x 0.5d inches
Weight: 4.02 oz
Power: 4 ea CR2450 batteries
Network: 915MHz ISM Band 2-way wireless
Mounting: Detachable mounting adapter with screw holes
Faceplate: Black plastic frame included; custom faceplates available

MeetingMinder™ EPS 74

EPS74 E Ink Room Sign

Display size: 6.4 x 3.85 inches
Resolution: 640 x 348
Orientation: Portrait or Landscape
Dimensions: 7.15w x 4.8h x 0.75d inches
Weight: 10 oz
Power: 6 ea CR2450 batteries
Network: 915MHz ISM Band 2-way wireless
Mounting: Detachable mounting adapter with screw holes
Faceplate: Black plastic frame included; custom faceplates available

Conference App

Our Conference application pulls together schedules from a variety of calendar programs, taking care of integration with the scheduling system you’re already using. It supports multiple event management systems – and multiple instances of those systems – in the same installation, so it can easily combine all the calendar systems across your organization.

EPS Management software applies schedule data to selected templates and pushes updates to EPS room signs via RF transmitters. The software can also be used to check the status of room signs, check battery power levels and to deploy additional room signs.

Stylish Schedules

EPS signs come with a stylish black faceplate, but custom designs are also available with raised room numbers, braille and different material finishes.

Why not brand your faceplates with your own unique colors, logo, graphics and shapes? We can provide popular templates to choose from or you can completely customize your design.

>> See custom faceplate designs and mounting options in our gallery

Affordable Paper-White E Ink Room Signs

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Do I have to have AxisTV to use your e-paper room signs?

No. Although they can be used as part of an AxisTV digital signage system, our electronic paper room signs work as a stand-alone solution

Do I have to buy extra hardware to mount your EPS room signs?

Our e-paper signs are easy to mount with just a few screws. They’re so light that they’re also a great portable solution for office hoteling.

Can I customize your room signs to match my brand?

You can frame your e-paper room signs with attractive faceplates with your own unique design. Size, shape and graphics are all up to you, so the possibilities are endless.

Save Paper

Electronic paper signs are a very affordable option for organizations that need to outfit a large bank of meeting rooms or classrooms. They’re also a great option for office hoteling. Since they’re managed wirelessly, you can easily mount them to cubicles and outside other shared spaces.