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AxisTV helps you deliver unified visual communications across your organization. This single application lets you publish messages, media and important updates to displays, desktops, room signs, webpages and mobile devices throughout your facility, across campus or to multiple locations in different cities. It’s simple and easy to deliver uniform or unique messages to everyone in your office, school or hospital.

AxisTV digital signage software is easy to deploy

Easy to deploy

AxisTV licensing is scalable to the number of players you need, and you can maximize your options with a variety of plugins. With basic training and mid-tier IT support, you can get your screens online and start publishing content the same day.

AxisTV digital signage software is user-friendly

Easy to use

Use our drag-and-drop desktop design tools to create stunning layouts, messages and templates – then sync your creations with the central CMS. You can manage your digital signage players and assets from any web browser for fast, easy updates.

AxisTV digital signage sends messages to any screen

How it Works

  • Design and import a wide variety of media
  • Manage and schedule from any web browser
  • Scale the software to meet your needs
  • Choose from software only, pre-imaged PCs, or hosted cloud
  • Select the hardware that’s right for your network


Enterprise Features

  • Utilize Active Directory authentication
  • Customize user rights, roles and access
  • Publish CAP-compliant alert notifications
  • Show live data from a variety of sources
  • Send messages to desktops, smartphones and room signs


Send alert notifications to all your digital signs
Show event schedules, social media and more

Data Integration

  • Show event schedules from calendar apps
  • Publish Excel and XML data to templates
  • Include current news, social and RSS feeds
  • Display webpages and SharePoint
  • Share real-time dashboards and maps


Design Tools

  • Use friendly, drag-and-drop design tools
  • Import graphics, videos, PowerPoint and more
  • Create templates for quick message design
  • Include interactive hot spots for kiosking
  • Design offline and sync at your convenience


Use easy design tools to create messages and templates
Show automated news and weather with AxisTV

Automated Content

  • Show news-in-pictures for selected categories
  • Display five-day forecasts and current weather
  • Present financial market data and stock info
  • Highlight social media feeds and posts
  • Share community calendars, health tips, sports and quotes


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