Reach the right people, at the right time, with the right message

You communicate with multiple audiences each day, so you need a digital signage system that’s easy, flexible and scalable enough to connect people and ideas across the entire organization. Visix gives you enterprise-class digital signage software to reach your employees, students and visitors with real-time updates wherever they are.

Whether you’re messaging to just one screen or to locations around the globe, AxisTV Signage Suite gives you the tools to create stunning visual communications for higher engagement, morale and motivation. Create and schedule content in just seconds with our easy drag-n-drop widgets.

If you have a large-scale deployment, extensive user base, or need support for a high level of integrated options, our AxisTV enterprise digital signage software gives you features like CAP alerts, AD authentication, mobile publishing and more.

Connect people, places and ideas with effective communication in a modern medium with our digital signage software

  • Install a scalable digital signage solution to fit your culture
  • Choose how many people can contribute content
  • Use admin tools for central system management
  • Manage your content from any web browser
  • Show real-time data from popular applications
  • Display auto-updating content to grab attention
  • Publish to screens, desktops, web and mobile
  • Purchase site licenses for significant savings
Schedule digital signage messages from anywhere

From Anywhere

With Visix digital signage software, you can manage all of your visual communications from a single, centralized point while still allowing individuals and groups to choose their level of participation. And you’re not tied to a desktop – you can manage your content from any device with web access so more people can contribute.

Capture attention with large digital signage displays

To Anywhere

Capture attention with large digital displays, publish messages and alerts to desktops, show event schedules on room signs, and deliver real-time data to mobile phones and tablets. Your audience will stay engaged and informed wherever they are.

Rich Content for Digital Signs

Make sure your digital signs always grab attention by showing content your audience cares about. With automated feeds, your signs will always be current without you having to do a thing.

Our content subscriptions are all designed and formatted specifically for digital signs, so you know they’ll look great on screen. These affordable feeds save you both time and money, since you only have to set them up once, then just let them run. Your content will always be up-to-date and automatically refreshed.

We have a variety of feed subscriptions to choose from – all of them curated by a team of editors to ensure suitability for public displays. And best of all, licensing and legal fees are covered by the subscription, so you don’t have to worry about copyrights.

Digital Signage Works

Digital signage not only attracts and informs more people through creative presentation of your messages, but also reaches them instantly and reliably. It’s a modern approach to communications that draws in viewers with dynamic graphics and interactivity.

Whether your focus is on internal messaging, public relations or the guest experience, digital signs grab more attention, reach more types of viewers, and have a better recall rate than other types of communication. It also stimulates more interest, brand recognition and message retention.

It can be difficult to put a dollar amount on the value of employee engagement, student outreach or effective visitor communications. However, there is plenty of proof that digital signage not only works – it works better than static signs and provides more engagement across the board.

Over 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual

We process visuals 60,000 times faster than text

Over 25% of companies place a high priority on Digital Signage campaigns

50% of communication pros use Digital Signage as a channel in their organizations

73% of educational institutions see Digital Signage as crucial for the future of communication

Digital displays capture 400% more views than static displays

63% of people say that Digital Signage captures their attention

Digital Signage has a recall rate of 83%

Digital media in public venues reach more customers than videos on the internet or Facebook

59% of people who see Digital Signage want to learn more about the topic

75% of those viewing a Digital Sign in a hospital could recall at least one message

Digital Signage has a 47.7% effectiveness rate for brand awareness

Digital Signage reduces perceived wait time at checkouts by as much as 35%

Digital displays can potentially double audience information retention

Digital Signage for safety communications reduces workplace injury by 20%

20 Reasons to Use Digital Signage Software

Capture Attention

Capture attention with bright, animated screen content that engages viewers

Retire Messages

Retire messages automatically without any user intervention

Deliver News

Deliver breaking news and important announcements in real-time

Get Interactive

Improve the visitor experience with touchscreen wayfinding and directories

Relieve Staff

Lessen the burden on receptionists and staff by answering questions on screens

Democratize Communications

Let more people participate in the process with defined user roles

Integrate Data

Easily integrate event schedules, current weather and other data sources

Promote Services

Promote new products, services, special offers and benefits information

Unify Communications

Show unified communications across your organization to build community

Reach Viewers

Use one medium to reach all types of learners – readers, visual, experiential, etc.

Show KPIs

Visualize data to show progress to goals and improve productivity

Ease Stress

Show queuing data on screens to reduce perceive wait times

Mix Content

Display multiple things on screen at once, in any combination you choose

Import Media

Import a wide variety of media you already have – videos, PowerPoint, PDFs, etc.

Trigger Alerts

Publish alert notifications across the entire system, or on chosen screens

Expand Reach

Entertain and educate viewers at meeting points and in waiting areas

Target Audiences

Target what gets delivered where, down to a single zone on a screen

Use Templates

Use fill-in-the-blank templates to make message creation faster and easier

Engage Employees

Engage employees and increase morale with kudos and recognition

Save Paper

Save paper, waste, time and money by replacing printed posters and plaques

Award-Winning Service

Whether you need consulting, design services, installation or hosting, Visix specialists walk you through every step of your digital signage strategy. From concept to completion, we’ll help you get the most from your investment.

Superior Support

Every Visix customer has access to our experienced, award-winning support team to help you with technical issues. We have a 24/7 searchable knowledgebase, and our support subscriptions give you complimentary software updates, priority service and more.

Customer Outreach

We’re here to help you maximize the effectiveness of your digital signage solution. Our newsletter, free webinars, blogs, white papers and videos provide helpful tips on how to best use our software features to engage your audience.

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