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Digital signage for hotels and conference centers

A great guest experience requires engagement. Digital signage gives you a modern, dynamic and imminently flexible way to show guests that you’re focused on their needs. It makes their travel easier and their time with you more pleasant, resulting in both customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Whether you deliver digital communications to digital hotel signs, video walls, or interactive kiosks, you can improve the guest experience, increase customer engagement and satisfaction, reduce perceived wait times in queues, increase revenues and brand loyalty, and cut down on printing costs.

Use digital displays to welcome guests, show current weather and event schedules, advertise concierge services and amenities, show off property highlights and promote local attractions. Our interactive wayfinding maps can help reduce stress for both your guests and your staff by providing a self-service source of information. 

With AxisTV digital signage software you can:

  • Deliver automated feeds like event schedules and weather
  • Personalize visitor welcomes and daily announcements
  • Advertise restaurants, spa services and loyalty programs
  • Offer interactive kiosks for wayfinding and directories
  • Use digital room signs for improved space management
  • Broadcast system-wide safety alerts

Our digital room signs mounted outside meeting rooms and event spaces can help your employees or guests find their meetings and breakout sessions quickly and easily. You can easily pull in event schedules from popular apps, like Delphi by Amadeus Hospitality, and custom faceplates can be tailored to match your décor.

Learn how digital signage can help

These resources will help you to better understand how digital signage solutions can help your hotel. Take a look, and feel free to browse our full Resources section for more helpful tools and advice.

Automated content

Attract attention and save time for your staff with auto-updating feeds for weather, news, stock updates, social media and more.

Interactive Hotel Wayfinding


Touchscreen wayfinding and directories

Help your guests get where they need to go quickly with self-service touchscreen maps and directories. Show property and floor maps, as well as locations for restrooms, elevators, ATM, restaurants, fitness room, etc. List directories of rooms, events, personnel or departments, and give point-to-point directions on your maps.

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