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Digital signage for government

Government is about community. In municipal, state and federal branches, your goal is to keep the public informed and motivate your employees for higher morale and productivity. That’s easier said than done.

Our digital signage, wayfinding and room sign solutions can help improve both your front-facing communications and back-office efficiencies. With a digital signage solution, your government office can:

  • Keep the public informed about current initiatives
  • Show event schedules and advertise community events
  • Share emergency alerts for extreme weather or Homeland Security updates
  • Provide interactive directories and wayfinding maps for visitors

AxisTV digital signage delivers your important messages and alerts – immediately, effectively and affordably – from a centralized platform that’s easy to use and easy to manage. Show engaging visual communications in government offices, public buildings, libraries, police and fire stations, or the chamber of commerce.

For facilities with a lot of visitors, our interactive wayfinding maps and directories can help you ease the burden on information desks and improve the visitor experience. This is an easy and user-friendly way to engage guests at your facility.

Our affordable room signs can help you more effectively manage your meeting spaces for increased efficiency in the office. Departments can book conference rooms right at the door, and it will automatically populate to your office calendar system. No more meeting confusion.

We’re proud to be helping the FBI, CDC, DOD and countless municipal governments to engage and inform their audiences. Contact us today for a solution tailored to your needs.

Learn how digital signage can help

These resources will help you to better understand how digital signage solutions can help your organization. Take a look, and feel free to browse our full Resources section for more helpful tools and advice.

Centralized signage

Manage all of your communications in one application using our desktop design tools and web-based content management system.

Electronic paper signs are always up to date


E-paper for efficiencies

Replace printed room schedules with sleek, affordable electronic paper signs that are always up to date.

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