Interactive Designs for Touchscreens

Maximize the audience experience. Give your audience a fun, self-service option with touchscreen wayfinding, donor boards and more.

Our digital signage software lets you build interactive screen designs with easy drag-n-drop widgets – include interactive hot spots for touchscreens or use our Voice Recognizer Widget to make any display interactive.

If you prefer, our award-winning designers can build your interactive wayfinding and other custom digital signage designs. Either way, Visix helps you craft interactive experiences that connect people, solve challenges, improve information sharing and entertain audiences. Let us bring your idea to life.

Learn more about Visix's award-winning interactive wayfinding, menu boards, donor boards and more

Signage Designs

Provide your audience with interactive info in a rich, intuitive graphic format tailored to your brand and your audience.

Whether it’s a single touchscreen or a large-scale video wall, our award-winning designers can tailor an interactive experience that meets your needs:

  • Wayfinding & Directories
  • Events Boards
  • Menu Boards
  • Donor Boards
  • Info Kiosks and more…

HTML5 Coding
for Responsiveness

What happens when they walk away from the screen? Our projects are designed in HTML5, so they scale correctly on any screen size – your visitors scan a QR code or visit a URL to take your wayfinding with them.

This works just like a webpage, so people can access it from anywhere – on kiosks in your facility, or on their computer, tablet or smartphone. If you need hosting for your project, we can help.

We can even build a user-friendly web interface so you can make quick updates to your directories.

Service & Support

We don’t just stop at the design. Our creative team works with your facility planners, marketing experts and project managers to concept, design, implement and test your interactive signage designs.

We’ll also deliver the original artwork, media and uncompiled source code files with the final project. They’re yours, after all.

Visix can build 100% custom interactive screen designs or you can brand our more affordable templated options. No matter what, we’ll help you improve your visitor experience.

Interactive Wayfinding & Directories

Help your visitors get where they’re going with engaging touchscreen maps and directories. Interactive wayfinding improves visitor satisfaction, eliminates confusion and eases stress to make a great first impression.

Whether it’s a single building floor or an entire campus, our award-winning designers can tailor a wayfinding system that meets your needs. Include directories for staff, departments, rooms and events showing visual paths from kiosk to destination. We can also build in quick reference buttons to find elevators and restrooms, and all of our designs include ADA controls at the bottom of the screen for convenience.

  • Map to events, personnel, room and department directories 
  • Include quick-reference legends and ADA controls
  • Show full-screen or integrate with traditional digital signage
  • Connect to mobile devices with QR codes and SMS
  • Use databases to feed directories for easy updates you can do yourself
Interactive wayfinding example for touchscreens designed by Visix  - try our interactive sample
Click to play with this interactive wayfinding project. View fullscreen at 1920×1080.
(See more samples at the bottom of this page.)

Workplace Wayfinding

As flexible work models become more popular, it’s essential to provide engaging, efficient workplace wayfinding that lets people locate available workspaces, review and reserve desks and rooms, and find event locations quickly. All of our workplace wayfinding solutions are tailored to your brand and easily integrate with your own booking system.

Skylark Interactive Workspace Wayfinding by Visix - showing building map with desk reservations

Click the image to play with this workspace design. View fullscreen at 1920×1080.
(See more samples at the bottom of this page.)

Workspace Wayfinding

Help employees in hybrid workplaces to see who’s in the office today, find where their coworkers are sitting, and then reserve a desk – all in one place. Available spaces are highlighted in green, and popups can show desk information (like standing desk, dual monitor, etc.) or a quick Choros QR booking code.

  • Perfect for office hoteling and hotdesking
  • See desk availability instantly with color coding
  • Find coworkers and office neighborhoods quickly
  • Include Choros QR codes for quick space booking
  • Branded to your specifications
Visix Choros Board - Touch & Gesture Control Workplace Wayfinding

Click the image to play with this workplace design. View fullscreen at 1920×1080.
(See more samples at the bottom of this page.)

Choros Board

Our Choros Board™ combines workplace wayfinding with our Choros AR space booking platform. Interactive maps show space availability at a glance, as well as available counts for open rooms, desks and other shared spaces. View 360° video walkthroughs of each space, then book instantly by scanning a quick QR code.

  • Combine wayfinding with space booking at the screen
  • See availability at a glance with color coding and legend
  • Pan and zoom through video walkthroughs of each space
  • Offer touch, voice and gesture control interactions
  • Branded to your specifications
Atmos Energy Interactive RoomBoard™ by Visix showing event schedule tied to building map

Click the image to play with this RoomBoard™ design. View fullscreen at 1920×1080.
(See more samples at the bottom of this page.)


Our RoomBoard™ is a pre-packaged interactive wayfinding solution that shows space availability, maps event listings to rooms, and can even allow room booking right at the screen. Room availability is instantly clear, with available rooms in green and booked rooms in red. Events are sortable by event name and location.

  • Combine wayfinding, directories and event schedules
  • See room availability instantly with color coding
  • Direct staff and visitors to their meeting rooms
  • Include full-kiosk support for booking at the RoomBoard™
  • Branded to your specifications

Voice-Activated Wayfinding

Improve the customer experience for any interactive project by adding a voice user interface. VUI provides a hands-free interaction option by using speech recognition to understand spoken commands and questions, and then displaying the requested navigation, maps and directories on screen.

  • Add to any interactive project, new or existing
  • Customize your trigger word
  • Recognize and respond to common inquiries
  • Reduce the transmission of germs
Interactive digital donor boards let you recognize donors with rich media to encourage philanthropy

Donor Boards

Donor boards on digital signs are a fun and engaging way to showcase your patrons and encourage others to volunteer or donate to your cause.

  • List donors alphabetically and by category
  • Show photos or videos to tell individual stories
  • Advertise ongoing mission and fund drives
  • Provide instructions for giving
  • Easily update listings for instant recognition

Menu Boards

Bring your menus to life, quickly publish updates and boost sales with vibrant menus on digital signs. Our artists can create dynamic menus for either static or interactive screens:

Digital menu boards give you bright, colorful screen designs to show your food, prices, daily specials and nutritional informaton
Visix can design anything for your interactive screens - wayfinding, directories, games, timelines, info kiosks and more

Custom Interactive

Any digital sign is more engaging with an interactive element. Maximize your screen real estate by using touchscreen navigation to move through multiple pages and experiences for your viewers. Let our team help you engage your audience’s imaginations with beautiful, user-friendly touchscreen designs. 

  • Launch informative videos and virtual tours
  • Incorporate real-time shuttle mapping and dashboards
  • Display touchscreen food menus and queuing info
  • Use interactive games to entertain in waiting areas
  • Show photo slideshows and archives

Whatever your idea, our award-winning digital signage artists will combine imaginative talent with technical know-how to translate it to the screen.

Interactive Samples

Click on any image to launch the full interactive design in your browser.
For best results, view these projects in 1920×1080 format and select F11 for full screen format.

Visix Choros Board - Touch & Gesture Control Workplace Wayfinding
Explore our multilingual touchscreen wayfinding and digital directory for Baylor Scott & White Health with SMS and print options
Click around our Temple Beth El design sample with Temple Beth El timeline and interactive donor board
Click around in our Southern Illinois University signage design with interactive wayfinding, events board and social posts
See events, floor maps and faculty/staff/room directory in our interactive wayfinding design for University of Texas School of Business
Interact with our interactive donor board, wayfinding and directory for University of Texas at Austin
Filter by room types in our interactive map and directory for Texas Woman’s University
Play with our interactive alumni and athletics board for Greenville High School
Our touchscreen signage design for River Oaks District shopping complex is multilingual with maps, directories and advertising
Launch our interactive wayfinding for Francis Tuttle Technology Center to see campus and floor maps, directories and SMS directions
Get inspired by our interactive wayfinding and digital directory for Plaza of the Americas
Click through our digital signage design for USC Marshall with interactive wayfinding and directories
See our design for Stevenson High School that combines interactive club and events directory with a photo gallery and SMS options
Test out our College of Charleston touchscreen wayfinding and info kiosk design with interactive timeline
Our interactive signage design for University of Alabama Art Galleries shows photos, general info and opening hours for each gallery, along with QR codes to text directions
Play with our award-winning interactive wayfinding and events listing for Crowne Plaza
This interactive digital signage design for the University of Kansas lets students explore housing options
Test out our interactive wayfinding and directory for Treasure Island Center portrait digital signs

Don’t let the resolution of your screen limit you – show multiple interactive modules on a single screen with our custom creations. Combine wayfinding, event management, social media, shuttle mapping and more – all wrapped in a beautiful custom design that’s unique to you.


Whether you choose a 100% custom creation, or one of our templated packages, we’ll brand your designs according to your specifications. Our custom projects are completely unique to your organization.

Your interactive signage design can include QR tags that let visitors download or view the project on their mobile device. Because we design in HTML5, the entire project will scale and show perfectly on any screen size.

Unlike our competitors, we give you the source files after your project launches. Although we’re happy to make updates for you in the future, you always have the files you paid for at your fingertips. And we design in common applications like Photoshop, so you don’t have to buy and learn proprietary software.