8 Ways to Use Digital Signage in Your Hospital

Healthcare facilities have to communicate with very different audiences – patients, visitors and staff – all of which have different interests and needs. Digital hospital signage is a great option for reaching each group with the digital content they want:

Educate – Need a place to show health tips, deliver vaccine info or debunk nutrition myths? Put it on your digital signage system so everyone in your hospital is up to date.

Inform – If insurance information is changing, or you need to tell patients about a new billing procedure, create a message on your big screens to give them all the details.

Alert – Digital signage allows you to broadcast safety alerts and instructions to single screens or across your entire facility. Add a screen strategy to your crisis communications plan.

Engage – Show local news and weather updates, advertise your gift shop, show queuing stats, spotlight daily café menus, or offer games and entertainment for children. The possibilities for visitor engagement are limitless on digital screens.

Direct – Hospitals can be confusing to navigate for first-time visitors. Use touchscreen directories and interactive wayfinding maps to guide visitors through your facility with ease.

Raise Funds – Touchscreen donor boards are a great way to recognize patrons and promote giving. Recognize your supporters while grabbing potential donors’ attention.

Communicate – Keep your staff updated with your digital displays. Our software has the capability to show different messages to different people. Display separate messages to patients and nurses from the same platform.

Save Money – Lower printing costs and reduce paper waste by eliminating bulletin boards and posters. Trade in your print for pixels so messages show up with a click and automatically retire when you want them to.

To get started with your own digital hospital signage, contact Visix. In the meantime, our experts have compiled eight uses for digital signs that are perfect for healthcare:

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