8 Ways to Manage Your Meeting Spaces Better with Digital Room Signs

Trade in your paper schedules and static plaques for digital room signs that show full schedules outside each door. You can choose from interactive or static screens that let you show bookings from your existing calendar app (like Exchange or EMS), and some will even show digital signage messages and alerts. Electronic paper signs are very affordable, and all models will help you keep participants on track and increase efficiency by centralizing your meeting management. Read on and download our room signs infographic for tips:

Be modern: Replace old, unattractive paper notices with modern interactive screens that beautifully integrate with your décor.

Guide people: Color-coded availability lights let everyone instantly see a room’s status so they know which spaces are available (red = occupied, green = available).

Use your own app: Easily manage your room sign schedules with the calendar app or program you are already using.

Avoid double bookings: Bilateral booking lets you schedule space right at the sign, which updates info in your calendaring system.

Track usage: A friendly touchscreen interface lets people start, extend, end and cancel meetings at the sign. You can also require a security PIN for on-screen changes.

Show messages: Show full screen schedules, or add digital signage messages so people in meetings don’t miss important announcements.

Replace paper: Use affordable, wireless electronic paper room signs outside meeting rooms, classrooms or for portable office hoteling.

Add wayfinding: Pair room signs with a RoomBoard™ wayfinding and room booking kiosk for a complete room management solution.

To get started today, contact Visix. In the meantime, grab our room signs infographic for more detail on how they can help your organization:

Download our free infographic for ideas to manage meeting rooms more efficiently with digital room signs

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