6 Digital Signage Gamification Ideas for Schools

Gamification is a great way to get your audience to engage with your digital signs. By putting fun contests on screen, you’ll draw attention to your other daily reminders and messages. Be sure to always state the rules clearly, offer great prizes as incentive, and advertise the achievements of participants. Here are just a few gamification ideas for schools using digital signs:

Colleges and Universities

  • Raffle Drawing – sign up to and download the school app
    • Prizes can be discount cards for café or bookstore
    • One time or weekly
  • Snapshot Capture – catch the mascot on screen and snap a pic
    • Show the picture to campus vendors for a discount
    • Limited time only
  • Scavenger Hunt – locations and clues on digital signage
    • Great to orient new arrivals or visitors
    • At beginning of semester or during recruitment period

K-12 Schools and School Districts

  • Reading challenge – based on reading list or topic
    • Great for libraries and departments
    • Prizes awarded at each tier of achievement
  • Teamwork – achievement and progress toward goals
    • Contests tailored for classes, clubs or groups
    • Showcase team and individual student achievements
  • Hands On – digital signage designs from students
    • Hands-on experience with tech and digital literacy
    • Students vote for favorite designs

Bonus! Interactive Idea

  • Educational modules on touchscreens
    • Quizzes on choice of topics on screen
    • Correct answers are tallied and leaders displayed
    • Incorrect answers get refresher and another try

Wondering how digital signage can help you with student engagement? Contact us. In the meantime, download our free infographic with these fun ideas:

Download the free infographic: 6 Gamification Ideas for Digital Signage in Schools

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