Increase Employee Engagement with Digital Signs

Employee engagement is a lot more than just happy or satisfied workers. Engaged employees go the extra mile, and work harder and more efficiently because they care – they are emotionally engaged in the organization’s wellbeing. A primary and ongoing goal of any organization, regardless of its size, should be to steadily increase employee engagement.

There are literally dozens of other studies and articles that show engaged employees:

  • stay at a job longer
  • are more productive
  • work longer hours
  • increase profitability
  • are more committed to their company
  • are more innovative
  • are more collaborative
  • help foster a sense of harmony and community

Unfortunately, surveys show that less than a third of US employees are engaged at work, over half of employees are “not engaged” and 16% are “actively disengaged”.

It really comes down to communication – companies that communicate more effectively with their employees have much higher numbers for engagement. And the perfect tool for delivering engaging communications is your digital signage. It’s faster than email, it reaches everyone, it presents information in a visually appealing way, and yet it’s also non-intrusive – people can look or not look, as they wish. The trick is to make them want to look. You do that by leveraging your digital signage to the fullest.

In our white paper, we’ll give you some impressive stats that show both employees and employers are focused on engagement, and how you can use your digital signs to increase employee engagement by capturing attention and motivating your teams.

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  • The Good News
  • The Bad News
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  • Using Digital Signs for Engagement
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