20 Reasons to Use Digital Signage

Although you’ve seen electronic signage in airports and malls, you may not have thought of it for organizational communications. A digital signage solution is a great communications tool for any company, school, hospital or office. What are the reasons to use digital signage? It’s dynamic and eye-catching, it lets you manage your communications from a central content management software app, allows more people to contribute to the process, and saves paper.

What you put on your digital signage is only limited by your imagination. Anything you share via email, newsletter, poster, advertising, social media, intranet or web can also be put on your screens. No matter whether your audience is employees, visitors or both – digital signage can help you attract and engage more viewers.

  1. Screens capture attention
  2. Lessens the burden on receptionists
  3. Reaches all types of learners
  4. Unifies communications
  5. Imports media you already have
  6. Shows multiple things at once
  7. Targets messaging (when and where)
  8. Updates and retires messages automatically
  9. Lets more people participate
  10. Offers easy templates
  11. Delivers breaking news in real time
  12. Integrates data sources
  13. Motivates with data visualizations
  14. Alerts viewers in emergencies
  15. Improves the visitor experience
  16. Engages employees with on-screen recognition
  17. Promotes products and services
  18. Reduces perceived wait times in queues
  19. Keeps meeting participants updated
  20. Saves paper, waste, time and money

Need some advice on how to plan your digital signage solution? We can help. In the meantime, here are 20 reasons you should be using digital signage for your organizational communications:

Download our infographic to see 20 reasons to use digital signs for your communications

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